Hi SarahAnne – welcome to mvertigo and for telling us your story above. I’m glad to hear you finally know what it is that has been bothering you all this time. You are very lucky (if you can consider any form of migraine luck) in that you are hit sporadically with this. I think it is very wise to take a “preventative” approach to this in your shoes. You have the big plus of knowing what’s going on and yet you haven’t necessarily had a “Big Bang” event which has made this become a chronic problem, even surviving menopause.

Your case is interesting because I wonder if you really go at this with lifestyle modifications and trigger avoidance, if you can end this altogether or greatly reduce it and prevent it from ever becoming more entrenched. I hope you can always remain one step ahead of it and it only changes for the better from this point forward.

Best … Scott 8)

Thanks for the welcome, Scott. I so appreciate this forum. I have visited sporadically, and because of last week’s difficulties find I need a support group and here you all are.

I’ll keep everybody informed as to my personal progress on keeping my MAV from worsening. My goal is to eventually add to the Success Stories, a pretty lean category, I see.