Sausage weenies

okay, am I imagining it or is there a reason I have bad days when I eat sausage with my usual eggs and english muffin?


sausage, you mean like, cured meat sausage? anything cured is a huge no-no. That would be a migraine trigger and would indicate that at least some of your symptoms are migraine, no?

Sausage links, you know . . . I guess Bob Evans sausage is cured. Lol.
Coffee also messes with me but like a jerk I have a cup every morning.
Yesterday I had to have some bloodwork done–fasting.
I got up, had no food or coffee and just went.
I felt better with no food or coffee in my body.
Maybe starvation would cure me?

I see the migraine diet in your future - it sounds silly, but it really really does help and i’ve even posted some recipes on one of the links. of course, this is fun for me, because I love to cook.

You know about the migraine diet, yes? no coffee, no cured food, (cheese, yogurt), no chocolate, no citrus…etc


I agree with Julie. With all the symptoms you have, I STRONGLY advise you try to eliminate at least the major triggers on the migraine diet. Caffeine is #1. :cry: That was hard for me to accept since I very much liked my morning cup of coffee. I am not a morning person and that one cup used to get me going. However, I am convinced that giving up caffeine, aspartame, and processed meats (along with other things) has played a major factor in the improvement of my symptoms. I’m relying on meds to do the rest. I’ve experimented with having a cup of coffee, a diet pepsi, and processed meats a few separate times and had almost immediate reactions (within 1/2 hour). Give it a try for at least a few weeks. You very likely will a have caffeine withdrawal headache for the first few days, but it will go away.

Be brave and good luck!


Since I’ve been on the migraine diet, about 6 months, if i deviate from it with the wrong food, i feel worse, and I don’t need ANY worseness. What you do is start strictly elminating all foods for 3 months. You may not notice any improvement, cause it takes so long for all the metabolites to get out of your system. Then you start adding foods back and see what makes you worse. It can take two or more days to bring on symptoms, but i usually feel worse the next day.

So far, I find that I can eat pine nuts just fine. And I can eat breads. But anything with vinegar is like poison. And MSG, which is in virtually EVERYTHING, I’m not sure about yet.

The entire low-down is in the Buccholz book - i’m sure you know all this, but i feel like typing this morning :slight_smile:

Guess what I have been reading in bed for the last hour?
Buchholz’s book. :smiley:

Drove there, almost wiped out on the ground in the bookstore, damn glasses messing with my head!
Got in my car with no glasses on, and felt, “normal”
then got out of the car and felt abnormal again.

Good christ what a life!

I like Buchholz because he’s a rebel, and isn’t afraid to break away from, and question, conventional thought.


Step #1 on your road to transformation, grasshopper