Hi everybody, I have just returned from the Drs, needed some more medicine! I saw the GP who sent me to the eye hospital. After a thorough examination there weren’t any problems, just some floaters that were particularly noticeable in my right eye. I mentioned my weird symptom of waking up and everything seeming either green, pink or yellow to my GP. Her response ‘Have you had a scan?’ This is the second time she has mentioned this!!! Anyway, I have come away a little anxious as she is obviously thinking a brain tumour!!! Dr Silver has said I can have a scan if I want to but he didn’t think I needed one as my physical examination was normal. He made me feel more relaxed. My GP has frightened me!!!

I am trying to be positive but these eye problems are concerning me. I know that a lot of you have vision problems and it is part and parcel of having MAV. Don’t think my GP knows much about it. Somebody talk some sense in to me please!!!

Kathy x x

Hi Kathy

A lot of people on here have floaters. Mine are really bad. When i was bad everything had a very slight green tint. I don’t have this anymore.

Dr Silver is an expert neurologist. I wouldn’t worry about your Dr. Maybe just have a scan to rest your mind.

Thanks Robert. When a new symptom comes along I start to worry that it may be something more than MAV. I’ve been great for ages, it’s just this past week that the dizziness has ramped up and I am experiencing these weird colourful tinges. I now have a nasty case of tonsillitis so am feeling a little down in the dumps :frowning:

Kathy x

I see Dr Silver privately so I think a scan would cost a fortune. How long would I need to wait on the NHS if he ordered one?

Hi Kathy,

I would wait and see what Dr Silver says since he is a neurologist and you are seeing him in 3 days time. I have no idea of the waiting list on the nhs, it would vary between hospitals and how urgent the doctor thought it was. I had an MRI privately 3 years ago and it cost £450. This wasn’t anything to do with my dizziness, it was a pelvic scan.


Kathy, it’s so bloody annoying isnt it, I know! I ended up paying for a private scan on Harley street it was £1000. Like you it all got too much my anxiety took over. Do you think you could wait until you see Dr Silver? I really think that if he says you dobt need one then try and trust him. It was dr S who ordered my MRI so slightly different. Please remember Gps know a little about a lot of conditions , specialists know a lot about their chosen conditions! Yes, to the outside world floaters and green tinge are very weird but not to us here! I have loads of floaters btw. Think about all the weird and wonderful symptoms that we all have on here…

Try not to worry x

Hi Katherine and Anna, thanks for your responses. I really don’t want to have to have a scan!!! Dr Silver was confident that I didn’t need one, it’s just my GP who keeps mentioning it and freaking me out!! I am trying to remind myself that she knows little about the condition and all this for us migraineurs is fairly normal!!

Will keep you posted as to what Dr Silver says. Roll on Thursday.,
Kathy x x

From my personal experience in the last year and a half…most doctors don’t know much about the effects of migraine. I’ve had a cat scan done, MRI and almost an MRA because one doctor thought I may have an unruptured aneurysm. I would listen to your neurologist…since you will be seeing him in the next couple days.

Thanks Jo. I hope my neurologist isn’t too concerned. From what I read on here and people’s responses anything seems possible with this migraine malarkey!!

It is quite frightening how little GP’s know about this condition. I have been asked by my GP whether or not I can take paracetamol!! It is quite clear that they haven’t taken the time to read the letter. I sound like a real moaner don’t I?! I don’t mean to be, I suppose I just expect a better level of care. Thank goodness I am able to see Dr. Silver.

Kathy x


I can’t believe your GP said that…the letter is clear about no painkillers. I expect the coloured vision is a migraine symptom, it seems to have such a variety of symptoms and your GP just isn’t as knowledgeable as a consultant neurologist. Dr Silver will sort you out.


Did you GP actually say brain tumor or did you just think it? Scans are done for a multitude of reasons, and sometimes with new and rare symptoms, they just want to get one to rule out anything more serious - not that they think you have it, but just to double check and make sure the symptoms are only from migraine. If your specialist doesn’t think you need one and you don’t feel the need to have one on file, then personally I would go with your specialist. If you are worried and feel like you should go through with one, then it’s okay to have that discussion too.

Thanks Katherine and DizzyforLife. It really helps having people on here to talk to. I can’t say that I know anybody else who has MAV. This forum is a lifesaver! My GP didn’t actually say ‘brain tumour’ but along with my other symptoms I guessed that what was she was thinking.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

X x

That is so weird! (The seeing colors when you wake up.)

Strangely, of the three ocular migraines I had (in the past), the third one was in color! The first two were just the C-shaped “sparkly cut glass” effect, with the “facets” of the “cut glass” being clear. The third time I had the exact same C-shaped pattern except that the “facets” were all different colors–flashing brown, yellow, blue, green, I can’t remember what all colors but I think those were the main ones. By then I knew it was a migraine so didn’t panic, just enjoyed the pretty light show!

Best of luck,

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That is so weird! (The seeing colors when you wake up.)

I know! That’s what bothers me!! Not long to wait to see Dr. Silver now though. It’s easy to start to think negatively with this nonsense, especially when you develop a new symptom that doesn’t exactly match other people’s. My brain says ‘Must be something worse…’ I need to get a grip, haha!!

Sorry to hear that you suffer with vision problems, I hope that they improve over time.


X x

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Hi Kathy. If it’s any consolation, I’ve had a multitude of incredibly odd symptoms over the past 14 years, and my brain scan shows nothing but the little white spots that many people have due to blood pressure, cholesterol, aging, or migraine. If your neurologist sees no danger in your symptoms, I would not be worried about something like a tumor. But definitely tell him about the green vision if he doesn’t know already. (Or, just ask him again–let him know you are concerned about it and see if he has heard of this before or can offer a possible explanation.)

That said, MANY things simply can’t be explained… half the people I know have (or had) some weird thing that totally mystified their doctors. But doctors are really only concerned about things that are either life-threatening or causing significant impairment in a person’s life.

Good luck!