Science-Based Medicine/Great Article

Scott - Got a chance to read the science-based medicine article that you posted. Such good points, and pretty humorous in parts as well. Thanks for posting that. I get frustrated with both alternative and medicine practices, but whatever works, works. I came down with bronchitis with a latent sinus infection this week, accompanied with major seasonal allergies plus it’s pouring down rain here in chilly, damp Northern California. I’m extremely grateful for the science-based medical interventions that I got, I can tell you that much. And, Hallejujah - I managed to NOT trigger anything major over our Thanksgiving holiday, so I guess I’m getting used to eating “migraine clean” [translation: my dinner was pretty damned boring] plus my topamax must be helping me as well. Hang in there, people. It can be a tough road.

Gail – there’s a lot of really good stuff to read on SBM. Definitely worth trawling through when you get a chance. They debunk so many things and explain other things in the science world very clearly.

Steve Novella has a really good blog too called Neurologica:

S :slight_smile: