Scott, a question about Celexa!

Hi, I have now been on Celexa for about 4 weeks. It has definitely helped with the anxiety I have from being so dizzy, but I am still getting dizzy from any workout or any fast rushing around. I also have a vague dizziness that is always around. It ma be a little bit better with the Celexa. My question is should I just stay on it or do you think it should have wiped out more of the dizziness by now? thanks so much, I’m so confused on this one.

Hey Joli – how much C are you on right now?

10 mg, and even at that dose I feel a lot of fatigue during the day, but it would be worth it if it could ease the dizziness.

I’m no medical doctor but at 4 weeks I don’t think you should be feeling fatigue from Celexa during the day. It had no effect on me in that way whatsoever. I think if you up the dose you might feel even more sleepy.

Do you take it before bed? Sorry if you told me before … I have forgotten. If so, would it be better to take it a few hours before bed?


Yes, I am now trying it before bed so we will see how it goes, nut when do you think it will have any effect on my dizziness??

Joli – I’m starting to wonder how effective the SSRIs are if a person experiences MAV but not comorbid depression and/or anxiety. Do you have any issues with those two?

I need to ask Emma how she reacted to Celexa again and how long it took for her dizziness to drop. She is on 40 mg and is pretty good – she also had significant anxiety and depression with this. I noticed a significant drop in dizziness within a few weeks but Cipramil was also wiping out anxiety at the same time which I know will ramp up my symptoms. I’m the classic comorbid case.

I HAVE A LOT of anxiety and wonder IF THIS WHOLE THING IS ANXIETY RELATED. I JUST CAN Not tolerate any oF THE SSRI’S. ITS SO DEPRESSING. I havent tried effexor or paxil yet, but I have tried all of the others and all of them gave me soo many side effects 3-4 weeks into takING THEM AND NONE of them goT rid oF THE DIZZINESS!!!

Right, well given the level of anxiety going on – which remember is common with many MAVers – chasing this option is a good one. Don’t lose hope just yet with the SSRIs. The ONLY one I can handle is Paxil. Have been through them all and this one is it although not brilliant for MAV per se (for me). Paxil is so potent that I need only 2 mg. Any more than that and I start feeling too detached and become Ice Man.

If I were you I’d stay with Celexa before bed and see if the tiredness goes. If it does and your anxiety is also gone, try bumping it up to 15 mg. I had near total resolution of symptoms at 15 mg. If this one fails, try Paxil next at a low dose. It’s strong stuff with a very high affinity for the sero receptors in the brain. You might only need a small amount thus avoiding side effects.


right there with you but i’ve only tried one SSRI. i know that i have tons of anxiety. i wasn’t too bad when i was off work and able to stay home a lot and just go out when i felt good.

Today was my first day back at work - had to get a ride - only slept 2 hours - felt horrible and dizzy as heck today off and on - just like peak allergy season!!!

I’m very upset that it’s starting already. no breaks this past year at all.

i’m so frustrated and sick feeling


What’s your next plan of attack Chris?

Are you certain Celexa revved you up and not you being freaked out that you had taken it?

i may try clonazapam again since that seems to work or a lot of folks. i’m also going to change allergy meds. who knows maybe shots again? maybe have to take some steroids when pollen season gets worse?

right now I just completed week one of bio identical estrogen next month she will give me progesterone - that’s supp to help with anxiety. we’ll see i’ll give it a bit and if i don’t get any better then i’ll probably stop since they have so many risks if you stay on them too long.

that med did scare me - all ADs do but it was like i was totally wired at night wide awake all night for 3-4 nights in a row - it was awful.

i’m pretty down right now today was not fun.


Scott, are you taking the Paxil cr or the regular paxil? Thats funny how you were able to take 15 mg of celexa but could only handle 2 mg of the paxil! We are all so different!

There is no CR version here. It’s called Aropax and only comes in the one version.

Kelley sent me a link some time ago showing the strength of the affinity of Paxil in binding the serotonin receptors. It was incredibly high compared to the other ones which must explain why I get an effect on 2 mg. I’m sure that even at 2 mg, it’s killing my mojo which is very annoying. Why can’t these meds do the opposite?

so the paxil doesn’t cause weight gain at that amount on you Scott?

you could try some hormones for the mojo - some testo :lol:
just kidding


Nope, no weight gain. In fact, there was no weight gain on 10 mg of Cipramil either. Once I knew the signs I was able to keep my weight under control.

I need a jolt of something. Maybe 2 dozen oysters. :lol:

Hi there,

Scott told me about this thread.

I have been on 40 mg of Celexa for a year and a half now. I feel 50 to 60% better from it and I have my life back. However, I still get migranes…and some dizziness episodes.

It took me awhile to get up to 40 mg and it took me a year to feel better with this stuff. In the beginning I was tired all the time especially when I upped the dose.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.



wow Emma that’s great i’m glad it worked for you i’m sure i gave up too quickly but was scared


Thanks Emma, I was soo tired and felt fatigued that I gave up after 4 weeks,and I thought that it should have started working fir the dizziness by then. I have now started effexor at 13 mg to start but if it doesn’t work out I will get back on the celexa. Did the tiredness go away after a while? I thought for sure thought that after 4 weeks the side effects (fatigue, sleepy) would be gone but they werent. Did it take a while for them to subside with you?? Thanks :smiley: