Scott and Milo

Hi Scott,

I have probably already asked you this question on another thread and you have probably answered it already,but l just can’t find the thread. So l will ask again. Are you still drinking milo each day? I have started drinking now each day for 2 weeks, l feel pretty good. Just wanting to make sure there aren’t any kind of negative effects from the daily habit. Because l think l read somewhere you only drink milo once per week, and wasn’t sure why?

Sue :smiley:

Hi Sue,

I have a hit of Milo about once or twice a week now. Only one spoonful. If I have too much it keeps me wired the entire following night. Weird I know but something in Milo gives me a serious jolt.

I haven’t slipped back to the low level “doldrums” I inhabited for months, if not years, since taking it. But it has obviously done zero for this migraine problem apart from not letting the condition run me right into the ground.

Hope it keeps you feeling perked up!

Scott :smiley:

At what time of day did you drink it?

I usually have it around midday. Once l had it just before bedtime and l ready to go out and party.
I think it has to do with the b vitamins in it. Somebody told me to not take b,s after midday.

It’s working for me anyway. :smiley: so far so good.

Sue :

Hi Sue,

I have it in the early afternoon. I had a dose yesterday and was awake in the night about 5 times. Totally wires me but not in a nervous way.

Glad it is giving you a blast as well. We must be sensitive to the B vitamins.


Been doing a bit of Milo research (because it sounds yummy, but I live in the US, so would have to order it from Amazon), and it may not be just the B vitamins that are doing it for you… I haven’t found anything definitive, but I did find a couple of things that make it look a tad suspect in terms of caffeine. According to Wikipedia

Milo contains some theobromine, a xanthine alkaloid similar to caffeine which is present in the cocoa used in the product; thus, like chocolate, it can become mildly addictive if consumed in quantities of more than 15 heaped teaspoons per day. (Don’t know if that means it’s just the normal amount that’d come with it being cocoa, or if they’re adding extra…) And, then, there’s a blog on some healthy eating site (not necessarily a reputable place to look for scientific info, but worth a thought)

that states: I had a look on MILO web site to see if they mentioned Caffeine. To their credit, they do. In their questions and answers section it states that MILO contains a small amount of caffeine, as caffeine is a natural component of the cocoa bean. They go on to say that it contains about one fifth the amount found in a cup of coffee. ANYHOW (back to Erika now…), I can’t find a Q&A section on the MIlo site to verify the blogger’s caffeine claim, but based on how energizing folks are finding it, I wouldn’t be surprised. (Wouldn’t take much caffeine to rev up a migraine brain, I’m thinking… :wink: )