Hi Scott
Do you know If i can take propranolol and amitriptyline together? I’ve been taking the amitrip again for sleep reasons but need to trial the propranolol really now my doc keeps pushing me to try this one. I forgot to ask him yday if the two are safe to take together. I’m on 10 mg amitrip and will be taking 20 mg of propranolol for the first week and then up to 40.

Do you know if it’s safe ?

Im not Scott, but thought I would chime in. Yes, you can take them together. If you are ever in doubt, you can either check med interactions online at
or call your local pharmacy. They are usually really helpful.
Best of luck!

Thankyou Kelley ! :smiley:

Hi Blondie,

I just checked WebMD and there are know known interactions between these meds as Kelley rightly pointed out. However, I would feel much more at ease about it all if you just run it by your doctor to be certain that he/ she is ok with you doing so. I think in taking any meds or mixing them it’s good to have the supervision of your doctor because he/she knows your own personal history and background. I assume the same doctor prescribed both for you. Give them a quick call just to check that box and then go for it.

Best of luck with the new combo and let us know how it goes for you.

Scott 8)

Thanks m8 will do x