Scott's Birthday!

“Happy Birthday!” Scottie, :smiley:
I want to thank you for all you’ve done for us,giving us such a wonderful safe and careing place for us to visit and always being there for me over the years.
you’ve helped make my life bearable by having a mate to chat with, your the best!!!
wishing you all the best and hopefully a not too headachey night.


Happy Birthday from the newbie here at MAV.

Wishing you well each and every day xx

Didnt know it was your birthday Scott, have a good one. Yes, thanks for all you do with keeping this site “spot on”. Especially when you have so much of this stuff to deal with yourself, cant be easy, researching etc. and putting in the extra effort when you are feeling rubbish yourself.

Just to let you know we all appreciate your efforts (a lot) and sending you lots of good vibes for a painfree dizzyfree birthday.


Thanks very much all. It’s tough having another 21st birthday! :lol:

Going out to a favourite Japanese restaurant tomorrow night. Not much there I can’t eat. Yeehaa.

Hey Scottie,
Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
your catching up to me! :lol:


Have a happy and non-dizzy one, Scott!! :smiley:

Happy birthday, Scott! Easy on that sake! :lol: Cheers, Bonnie

Happy Birthday buddy!

Thanks for all you do and the help you have given to me so far.

Sushi and a cold beer repayment…AS SOON AS I CAN KICK THIS STUFF!!! :smiley:

Happy Birthday…enjoy :slight_smile:


Happiest of birthdays, Scott.


Happy birthday, bub. I’ve sent you a turmeric-frosted cake in the mail, along with ear candles and some Thai foot pads. You should be cured by Saturday, at latest.

— Begin quote from “Wino”

Happy birthday, bub. I’ve sent you a turmeric-frosted cake in the mail, along with ear candles and some Thai foot pads. You should be cured by Saturday, at latest.

— End quote


what better present could you ask for! :smiley: happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday Scott - or has your birthday already passed in your time?

Belated happy birthday! hope it was good!

Hey, Scott. Happy Birthday. Thanks for all you do for us MAV’ers !! Just remember that if you take 20,000 units of Vitamin D you will ward off any overindulgence that could occur. Have a wonderful Japanese dinner…

Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day!!!

— Begin quote from “Wino”

I’ve sent you a turmeric-frosted cake in the mail

— End quote


Thanks again all. Some funny stuff written. :lol:

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating.

Thanks for all you do for this forum. it has been a great source of information and discussions on MAV and it’s helped me learn a lot about this condition when no one else I know has heard of it.


Hi Scott, I don’t post on here much, but I do check in pretty frequently to see what’s new with the MAVers and I have to say that I am always impressed with your knowledge and your generosity in time and energy in responding to everyone and in sharing whatever tidbits you come across. You also are incredibly funny, by the way, and I find myself laughing out loud at some of your self-deprecating “mavish” comments. If there weren’t such a small and select audience for jokes about MAV, you could take your comedy on the road! Anyway, I am wishing for you that this year bring you renewed health and well-being and may the gods bestow upon all of us a cure for migraine/vestibular disorders!

Happy Birthday Scott!!!

Thanks so much for this site and everything you’ve done for everyone. You are a good man!!!

Just now saw this post

Hope you had a great birthday!!!