Scuba/trauma induced vertigo?

Two weeks ago I went scuba diving, I felt pain in my face and head that I never felt before. When I got out of the water there was blood coming from nose and mouth. From all of the research I have done it seems I ruptured or did something to my sinuses, caused by the pressure. Blood continued to come out with mucus for about a week. Now that the bleeding has stopped, vertigo has started. The attacks last for hours and hours and theres pain in my forehead and eyeball area. During these attacks I can sometimes not walk straight or stand without holding on to something. I get real queezy and tired.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced trauma induced migraines w/verigo or heard of it. I have done research on MAV becuase my wife has been suffering with chronic vertigo for over 6 months and it sure sounds like what I am experiencing.

I would appreciate any input.


There is such a thing as a peri-lymph fistula, where the fluid in the semi-circular canals leak out. You must have had some significant “barotrauma”: pressure induced trauma, from the scuba dive.
Here’s an eMedicine article on it:

And from the VEDA: … istula.php
“Head trauma is the most common cause of fistulas. Fistulas may also develop after rapid or profound changes in intracranial or atmospheric pressure, such as may occur with SCUBA diving,”

the bottom line is that you should see a doctor. Good luck.

a little more info - my otoneurologist specifically asked me if my MAV were worse after scuba diving