Do any of you guys have trouble with any sea foods? I was certain I was OK in this department but starting to wonder now about salmon. On Wednesday night I cooked salmon steaks and felt crappy on Thursday – lethargic, bad mood, more aches and pains than usual. By Friday I was ok again and then we cooked salmon steaks again last night from another shop (cheaper). Within an hour I really started to have massive aches and pains and headache. This morning I woke feeling really bad with stiff hands as well (a sign that a food is doing me in). After I got up I had to run to the loo. I’m lying here now achy as ever and feeling all migrained out. I’ll have to leave it a while then run the salmon experiment again to confirm. Did I mention how much I hate migraine? Yet another possible fantastic food off the menu. :x


Thats sad hopefully it turns out not to be a trigger. Im not sure if I have any food triggers or not yet. Ive already had to give up alot of my fav foods due to having to be on a low sodium diet. I know I need to get with the program and figure out whats off limits for migraines. But I wonder whats is going to be left for me to eat. As it is I am not a big eater I drink a Ensure mid morning and then have a dinner.

I’ll be watching this thread with interest. So what in the Salmon would be causing the problem? Was their some kind of perservative on it?

Does everyone with Migraine have food triggers I never really notice anything happening after I eat.

Hey Butterfly,

I just got off the phone with my mother and she too can’t handle salmon steaks. She gets nausea from them, and ends up running to the toilet. She has found one brand, however, that doesn’t mess with her but the fresh farmed stuff does her in. Too rich. She also gets a lot of the same head symptoms I get but at about 10% of what I deal with and she never gets dizzy. I only need to ask her about a food and it pretty much confirms it all for me. The older I get the less tolerant this body becomes which is how things panned out for her (her mother was a massive migraineur with the pounding pain etc). I just woke up from a totally tripped out sleep totally disorientated and slightly dizzy. Back to bread and water for me.

There are people here who do not seem to have any food triggers. So lucky but I think most do get hit with symptoms by at least a few things such as coffee, cheese, chocolate, nuts, alcohol or deli meats.


Hi Butterfly,
It’s seems many migrianeurs do have food that trigger the migriane and it’s a list a mile long unfortunately.
They say most migraineurs have food triggers.
So we like meniers patiennts should do ellimination diets, to find out which foods trigger our symptoms.
You can find the answers to this by searching this site.

Hey Scott, youre getting to the stage where waters looking good, :shock:
I dont know how long you’ll survive though.

poor bugga!


I have suspected salmon in the past when I was cooking the fresh stuff. Lately I have been eating the tinned stuff at least every second day at lunch (histamine I know, tinned) but I have been eating it for lunch with sweet potato and brocolli (an anti inflammatory meal) and had no problems with it.


Hey Scott,

This may be a vicious ‘Big Salmon’ consipiracy theory but isn’t salmon pumped full of dye to make it that orange colour? Maybe that’s what gives you grief. Just a thought.


I seriously doubt it was the salmon afterall. So easy to jump the gun and find the wrong correlation. I had totally forgotten that 4 days ago I started taking a different probiotic from Metagenics that a naturopath friend swears by. Just went right under my radar because the other brand showed no detectable adverse effects that I noticed (side note: I was never expecting miracles from a probiotic but thought it was worth throwing in the mix for the hell of it). Anyway, I took another hit this morning before realising this and about 10 minutes later the penny dropped. A massive headache and all over pain kicked in 90 minutes later and persists now. These are the sort of reactions I got trying to dive into that Migraine Program and similar to a nasty food reaction (coffee does this too at this level). Just can’t handle many of the supplements. So much for “natural” being safe. :?


It wasnt in a gelatin capsule was it? Or it just might have been the probiotic, I have had problems with some of them in the past.


Well at least it sounds like you will be able to resume eating the Salmon. I drink an cup and a half of decaf coffee every morning I cant have caffine due to I have tacycardia. I dont eat choclate or nuts. I also dont have cheese much. I eat alot of chicken breasts and steak(only New york strips) and fresh vegatables so maybe Im already on the diet and didnt realize it. I do not drink alcohol either. Ive drank Ensure for probably the last 5 years so I doubt thats a problem for me. As I stated Im not a big eater. I will look around on the site and find the information I need. My eyes bother me alot so I dont read alot at one time.

Well Im glad you found what you think is the trigger and hope you recover soon. Have a good weekend everyone.

I’ll never have to find out since I hate salmon :stuck_out_tongue:


Very good point re the gel cap. It could be that too. I’ve had a bad reaction from a certain type of gel cap before in a fish oil. I’ll test it again but this time will dump the powder out.


I do everything I can to avoid farmed fish. Recently a local grocer advertised “Fresh Catch” fish; I was irked when I arrived at the store and found it was the brand name of their farm-raised fishy business. Here’s what I see as a damned good reason to do so:

Direct link:


hre in Sydney, they label where the seafood originates. We still have a lot of it being fished off the coast here so all good down under.