Seasonal triggers

Hi All:

Been doing pretty good so I have not been on in a while. do any of you get seasonal triggers at this time of year. Second year in a row where my head pressure, ears are clogged and mild nausea kicked in at this time of year. I have to think the change in NY from Summer to Spring has something to do with it as the air pressure changes especially with the hurricane… Last year I was given a dual MAV and Menieres diagnosis as I had mild low pitched hearing loss at this time. Hearing loss went away wiht 3 steroid shots but the clogged ears came back… Hope all is well


I meant Summer to Fall…lol

Glad you can LOL; I sort of mutter under my breath, when I have a full night’s sleep and still feel thick-headed all morning.

I think pressure change as well as weather change affects everyone with vestibular issues and its not isolated to MAV. Does anyone know why?

I get seasonal allergies, and it doesn’t help matters any, but I’d bet hurricane season is more of a factor. I think barometric pressure changes affect us more than most. We are human barometers, sad to say.


Seasonal allergies are a pain and do affect a lot of people. One of the main causes of sinus infection is having allergen particles causing swelling and no draining of the sinus area. When the sinuses become somewhat blocked, opportunistic bacteria or viruses have a chance to take over and make life miserable. I think a sinus infection led to my latest bout of dizziness, so finding out what you are allergic to and trying to avoid those things make sense. Prevention always trumps treatment! I wish I was better at following my own advice… :roll:

Weather changes are horrible for me. Everyone here is celebrating that we’re getting a cold front (it’ll be in the 60s tonight!). The heat’s been killing us. I’m looking forward to the change, but nervous about my head. My ears get full too. I’m thankful that I don’t have allergies; I can’t imagine dealing with that on top of everything.

Temperature is dropping, wind is blowing, so far so good…