Seeds; oils

I’m wondering about seeds.

My doc, Hopkins’s Carey, advised me to start out avoiding various items including seeds, which are warned against on his 2008 list.
Bukholz doesn’t seem to have updated his lists since the 2002 publication (which would make it perforce older than 2002)–or has he, anybody?

I don’t expect to be able to get hold of Carey for a while to find out whether this means what it says literally–pumpkin and sunflower seeds, the usual, but also flax, hemp, and sesame.

Any thoughts out there–not so much
“Gee, they don’t seem to cause me a problem” as much as
"I received similar counsel, and did ask, and was told . . . " or
“I saw all of these/ these particular ones specifically included/excluded in a list published yonder by this particular reputable source” or, of course,
“My knowledge of biochem tells me the same potentially problematic substances, hence issues are likely to be present in these particular ones/all of them.”

I also wonder about oils.

I haven't seen them mentioned in any of the lists, one way or the other. So far I've been avoiding olive oil simply because I was advised to start out avoiding olives. I have no idea whether tyramine, if that's the culprit here, is found or formed in olive oil, or for that matter sesame oil or sunflower oil or almond oil, walnut oil &c.

Any data?

i would call his office and ask them if the diet has been updated since that time. Though his research may tell him that there is no need to update it…but I am sure there are things that are not on his list that could be triggers for some.