Sense of smell

Does anyone else smell things that other people can’t. I can smell things a mile off where others can only smell it when its on top of them? A strange question maybe to you all and you may call me plain old weird like most do:)

Maybe not when it comes to a lot of different odors, but I am a cigarette smoke detector. I can have my eyes closed, even in a car with all our windows up (no, I won’t be the driver if my eyes are closed!!), and if we pull up to a stop light and I say “someone’s smoking in a car near us,” I’ll be right. A few quick looks around and we’ll find it could be the car ahead or even two cars ahead.

Migraineurs can be very sensitive about a lot of things! :?

Thanks MaryAlice I don’t feel such a weirdo now and when I smell gas in my kitchen again, as I do often, I will tell them I gave heightened smell because of migraine. In fact will show them your post:)

I have always had a very strong sense of smell!

And, when this first hit me in January, the smell of brewing coffee, one of my favorites in the entire world, smelled like urine.

That was so unfair!!


— Begin quote from “angdunc”

. I can smell things a mile off where others can only smell it when its on top of them?

— End quote

Me too! I don’t think it’s weird at all. I think its weird that people CAN’T smell what I can. :smiley:


Since this has happened I have an EXTREME sense of smell also. Any fragrance of any sort can set me off including little things like deoderant and laundry detergent. It’s a running joke that I could replace drug sniffing dogs :smiley:

Thanks everyone I don’t feel so weird now. Just another symptom to Add to a very long list :slight_smile:

Sarah reminded me - scented dryer sheets. BLECCHHH! I live in a townhouse and my next door neighbor has her dryer vent near our deck in the back…no way can I enjoy the outdoors if she’s drying her clothes. Of course, I can be gardening on the side of my house or even in the front of my house and I can still smell that very intense, cheap perfume-y, very unpleasant (to me) odor coming from her dryer vent - I don’t have to be out on the deck in back!