Sent: birthday card; address: my head

Dear “my head,”

As a part of my body, you tend to play a fairly important role, doing things like making sure I keep breathing. I’ve figured for a while now that a couple of wires must have gotten crossed when you were being assembled. But except for having to occasionally have your neck-bolts tightened, you don’t tend to give me much trouble, so I appreciate that.

Precisely a year ago today, however, almost to the precise hour (now, about 4 p.m. Friday), you allowed in an uninvited guest and now that visitor wants to take up permanent residence. That resident now is one year old today. Please pass along my sincerest birthday wishes that it “drop dead.”

George’s Life

I totally understand your feelings and can relate. I still remember the exact date of my crash.


— Begin quote from "nance"

I still remember the exact date of my crash.

— End quote

As do I. I think it’s one of those dates that is permanently burned into our brains because of how traumatic this is. S

Nice one George! :lol:


Hi all, I am a first time poster from Canada but have been reading here for a while. I also belong to I haven’t been formally diagnosed yet, still doing some testing, but my G.P. and ENT think it is MAV and from what I have read I agree.

My not-so-good companion’s 1st birthday is February 17. That date is permanently etched in my consciousness. At that time as a nice present my short term disability will run out!!

I can totally relate to how you are feeling.

Oh yeah, I can remember the day and what I was doing at the time. Walking down the aisles of a dept. store when I was hit!!!

3rd july , upon awakening, I noticed how my head was feeling foggy/weird headachy and that I couldn’t focus my eyes on anything. More was soon to follow.

I remember the exact date of my first BPPV attack (which started this MAV mess). April 30, 2006. Even though I’ve been feeling better lately, I still get sad every year on that date.

Ironically, my first BPPV attack which started this MAV crap happened on my birthday. I woke up, rolled over to turn on the TV and the room started spinning wildly.