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Seroxat withdrawal

Anybody had this situation before
Before the vertiog attack i was on seroxat antidepressant reduced dose of 12.5mg
I stoped it completely through the vertigo and dizziness attack
I just know thought that this all feeling might be a seroxat withdrawal since it was sudden
What do you think about it ? Any thoughts
I spoke to my doctor and he since this happened advised me to go back to seroxat
Since i am depressed
I know it was stopped to stop taking the meds but i was so consumed in the vertigo
And never thought that stoping the meds - seroxate - will actually make me dizzy and having two attacks of vertigo

Paxil or paroxetine or seroxat works for MAV. Take it.

Yes, Paxil withdrawl can be awful if you quit suddenly and especially awful while dealing with MAV. I had lots of trouble with Paxil (seroxat). But if you were doing well on it, it may be a good idea to go back on it.

But, another option would be to switch to something like Effexor which has a good reputation on here for treatment of MAV. If I were you, I would consider Effexor instead.

I have been on seroxate for 2 yrs due to depression and i was doing well on 20mg
Dunno how mxh mg for MAV
I start as doctor recommendation on 12,5 and gratually up tp 25 mg
Hope it works
I was also prescribed dogmatil ?

Oh shoot, yeah if you’ve been on it for 2 years and it works for you I wouldn’t change it unless you have to. Definitely dizziness is a common withdrawal symptom of SSRIs.

I was stupid to stop taking it after two years suddenly
Since i was scared of the vertigo and dizziness that happened during stoping seroxate but never thought it was a withdrawal
Lets hope it will work this time
Thanks alot for the reply

Well, be nice to yourself, there is a difference between ignorant and stupid. :grinning:

If you ever want to quit an antidepressant, the best way is to taper slowly over several months.

I bet you will probably feel much better soon though after getting back on it. Give it a few weeks though, it may still be difficult for a while.


I have never thought that stoping antidepressants comes with withdrawal symptoms may be a little anxiouse but vertigo and dizziness and nausea and vomitting and lists gos on … very scary

Agree with Erik, an SNRI like Effexor works better than Paxil. The founder of this site Scott is a long term Paxil user for close to 15 years to keep MAV under check. But he takes a minuscule dose.

It can be scary. But please try not to google all the scary things that can happen when going off antidepressants. There are so many people that get on/off them just fine and you just never hear about them. When I was 19 I went on and off Paxil immediately without ANY side affects. 20 years later (now) with MAV it was really hard getting on and off.

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