Setback while on trial of Nortryptiline..common?

Hi Everyone,

I was put on trial of Nortryptiline 5 weeks ago for MAV. I also have bilateral hydrops yet not diagnosed with Menieres. After 10 days began to notice an improvement in motion sensitivity and visual vertigo. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I had well over three weeks of relief when I was hit again with these symptoms.
To clarify, I also have oscillopsia (bouncing ) which did not improve with the Nortryptiline but the visual vertigo and severe motion sensitivity was gone, I was back to my baseline and happy. Now, quite disappointed.
Are these blips common while starting a drug like Nort?
Spoke with neuro who said to double the dose. Anyone else have a setback that resolved ? Thanks!!

Hi i have had the same issue i started on 5mgs and felt great for a week and now the second week its like iv had a set back or the deugs stopped working,i no 5mgs is very low dose but it seemed to work great the first week! Im also on propanolol 160mgs and i found the same thing happend when i first started taking that i felt better for a week or so and then it like levels itself back out! Not as bad as i was before meds but not as good at all compared to when i first started taking them! What dose are you on?


I started with 10mg and increased to 20mg. Just ramped up dose so we shall see what happens. I’m hoping to get some level of consistency regarding symptom control.
I would be inclined to think that maybe the drug was not really helping and it was a fluke. It would be one heck of a coincidence if that were the case. I was extra dizzy the first week after starting the trial, then relief at about 10 days in.
Fingers crossed that increasing dose will help.
Keep me updated .

The issue here is the underlying symptoms and triggers can fluctuate regardless of what drug you are on.

Nori seems to have a great reputation so avoid confirmation bias and try it out for a bit longer. If you see the bigger picture over a longer period that might help inform you better.

For me not being on Amitriptyline and being on it is like day and night but it doesn’t always protect me from all symptoms and doesn’t stop some vertigo ‘attacks’ and the very odd relapse.

But the frequency of imposing attacks has dropped to nearly nil and the drug makes life worth living with this condition.

Very true Turnitaround,
I will give the Nortryptiline a fair shot . I’m just not sure if my exacerbation is due to my MAV or hydrops or BPPV as the last trigger was a quick head movement.
I wonder, Thanks for response.

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I just had a really bad relapse so bad I thought I was permanently set back. 5 days later I’m almost back to trend line. Always keep that in mind.

I got worse when I started nort for a good couple of weeks, then every time I increased. Give it time as it really can help.

Thank you for the encouraging words. Much needed!

Thank you Scott! Hoping I also follow that course.