Severe Motion Sickness..Any suggestions?

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A quick background about my situation. I’ve been suffering with ear problems pretty much my whole life. The first real issues popped up in 2004 after being sick with a head cold, I woke up one morning with severe dizziness…not vertigo, per se, but more like I was spinning as opposed to the room spinning. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, I was so miserable with a migraine, vomiting, the works that I went to the emergency room. They called it an “inner ear infection”, gave me a cocktail of valtrex (since I was on antibiotics, they assumed it must be viral), xanax and antivert and sent me home. The next day I woke up feeling better. Not perfect but better. Fast forward to 2011, same kind of thing happens. Its called another “infection”. Doesn’t go away for a month. Fast forward to February 2012, I wake up with ear fullness, dizziness, ringing in my ear and its been that way with varying stages ever since. I’ve been diagnosed by one doctor as having MAV and another as having Meniere’s. The current neurologist I’m seeing says its Meniere’s with migraines. Whatever it is, it sucks and quite frankly, I’d like to break up.
Pretty much any car ride I take beyond 5 minutes makes me sick. This is an issue since I have a 20 minute car ride to work. I’ve been able to take enough over the counter Meclizine to get there and back with relatively little consequence, but on days like today where I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up feeling blah, I knew it was not going to be good, the Meclizine didn’t hold me and now I have a residual headache even though the motion sickness has worn off. Now to my question (sorry it took so long to get here!). Does anyone have any suggestions for better pharmaceutical motion sickness help? I’ve tried dramamine (which does nothing), the patch (which gives me a raging migraine) and ginger (HA! My dizzies mock your ginger). I’d love to hear what you guys do for your day to day operations :slight_smile:

A neurologist that I saw here in the UK who is well known on this forum as a migraine expert called Dr Silver recommends something called Domperidone for nausea. I have suffered from travel sickness on long journeys but it has not got worse since I got MAV and it only affects me very occasionally so I would not take anything for it myself. However just thought I would let you know his recommendation for those who have nausea as a result of migraine. I don’t know much more about the drug including whether it is available in the USA if that is where you live… x

I have personally never tried it but my neurologist brought up a medication called baclofen In relation to my own motion sickness. Might be worth looking into yourself.

While I have nothing to suggest to help hazellina (Sorry!! :frowning: ) this made me think of another question I have myself…Do you HAVE to have motion sickness for MAV?? I’m very curious about it because I do not have nor ever have I been a motion sickness person. I’m very thankful for that but just wondering…because this may help Drs in my future get my diagnosis straight. Thank you & so sorry to butt in your post!

Have you tried Phenergen? It’s by prescription and has helped my dizzie. It is for nausea and motion sickness.