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I’ve noticed a trend going on around here,
All of us have been through lets say a shit fight. :twisted:
(Deleting my preferred more dramatic repertoire)
To be polite! To our younger group members.

But it seams to me our DR’s are once again leaving us vulnerable
Why are so many of our group members walking away with a diagnosis of migriane variant , or mav?
This is NOT an **official diagnosis **of any form of migraine; it is simply a diagnosis of a symptom.

All of us myself included should be smacking the wrists of our supposed well-educated neurologists.
There is a migraine standard criteria checklist
It appears to me,
Not many on this forum have a nuero that has considered using it.
These so called (specialists) should be utilizing it, as “often” as possible.
I’ve noticed so many similar symptoms with people on this forum,
and yet seen some other people who fit into other groups all together.
Every one fighting with their feelings about whether their symptoms are fitting into this category of the “mav diagnosis”
Given by their neuro.

My neuro gave me 3 different options to take home, basilar/ migraine variant/ or familial sporadic ataxia.
Migraine variant isn’t a diagnosis either.
So I suppose it doesn’t matter,which migraine it is meds still apply.
But if you’re symptoms are wild! and you just don’t think they fit.
trust me When comes to migraine wild is pretty darn normal.
Migraineurs can have all types of twitching and other **crazy stuff **
You wouldn’t believe how long the list of neurological nuts and bolts that can happen It’s Ridiculous!

Some people can lose their memory,
Some others can go temporarily blind.
Symptoms Such as twitching jerking say? Or Language difficulties
or cant walk for the day.
I couldn’t believe the things I’ve read about migraine. Unbelievable! :?
After the 100’s of hours reading I’ve done, I know anything and everything is possible with migraine.

Migraine associated vertigo isn’t a good enough diagnosis.
what the doctors are forgetting is, patients fear the unknown.
we need to understand what symptoms to “ expect” it’s is only fare!
Lets face it, If we were diagnosed with say! Ataxia /OPCA /dominant or sporadic, you’d want to know which one?
Symptoms are different. life span is different.

Some of you will know of this site,
I’ve been a voyeur of this site for a year or so, the information is tops,
You should check it out. A lady called Terri Roberts runs it
She knows her stuff! She’s written several books on living with migraine.
Very well respected, with a DR Krusz who works side by side with her answering all types of questions.

Hemaplegic, … 571-5.html
Basilar … 278-5.html
Other types … ?ic=506016
Diagnosis. … /diagnosis

I suppose this is just another way for me to bitch about the medical profession.
and look like I’m not.
I’m feeling better now. :roll:


Since you ARE feeling better, I’ll put in my two cents :slight_smile:

My neurologist report says diagnosis of Migraine Variant. I tell people I have vestibular migraines. It’s just mysterious enough to get me lots of sympathy :smiley: but not bad enough that people avoid me for fear of catching whatever I have.

I guess I just don’t care what “it” is called. My neurotologist called it “M.A.D. - Migraine Associated Dizziness” which sound more like a symptom than a diagnosis to me. My neurologist seems confident in his simple diagnosis of Migraine Variant & I’m okay with that. I just want relief. I know I’m not as bad off as probably most of the people on our board, but … well … that realization doesn’t make my head stop hurting.

Isn’t “Migraine” a diagnosis? I mean … for example, I have arthritis - the ‘average’ kind in my neck as well as “Psoriatic Arthritis” in my hand. Both are arthritis … the hand pain is just further explained with the addition of Psoriatic. It means my arthritis in my hand is some how connected to the fact that I have psoriasis as well on my hand. Migraine is our diagnosis. Vestibular Migraine expands on it to include not just ‘routine’ migraines, but vestibular symptoms as well.

I suppose if I were unhappy with my neurologist, I’d be more apt to complain about my diagnosis. (Not that you’re necessarily unhappy with your doctor … that’s not what I mean to imply.) When I first started trying to find out what was wrong with me, I went to a local ENT. He said “Uh huh … yes … okay … you have Menieres! Here’s a diuretic! How do you like my shoes?” Needless to say, I don’t think highly of him. Then I went to the local neurologist. He was a very nice albeit crusty old Irish guy. Seemed quite competent & capable, but I could tell the first time I had a spell of vertigo in his office that he’d never seen anything like that before. He gave me valium to take at the onset of an attack. I thought “hello! My vertigo only lasts 3-5 minutes at a time! The valium won’t have any effect on that unless I take it all the time” which I started doing.

After reading a lot more on ‘that other’ website, I felt pretty sure that I had “MAV”. Stepped out of my comfort zone & went to the big city to see a neurotologist. He tried two different drugs then admitted that his specialty wasn’t migraine & sent me to Dr. Escandon - my current neurologist. Dr. E has been very thorough & friendly & seems to care about ‘fixing’ me. So, throughout my ‘diagnosing’ process, I’ve only had one doc that I really thought was a nutball. I’ve been lucky that way.

I guess I have too much time on my hands this morning, huh?


My doc diagnosed me as having “Migraine Equivalent” (anotherwards…equivalent to a typical migraine w/out the pain)…because mine is the more silent type. The doc also said that Mal de debarquement and migraine are related to some degreee.



You are going to get more hits from that thread title in the entire history of this forum you devil you :twisted:

Okay, so i go to my doctor because i’m dizzy and i don’t know why. he says it’s migraine-associated dizziness, which sounds like a description to me - it’s dizziness associated to migraine. Migraine is the diagnosis, right? And that explains all the aura, right? He even looks over his shoulder as he’s writing his notes, and adds - “and migraines can cause some VERY strange aura!” Like i don’t already know that, but i sure am glad to hear that SOMEBODY else does!

So i’m thinking as I’m lying there, about all the strange things that i had been through over the last two years, and i DO mean strange.

time distortions - my husband leaving the house. i asked him why he had come back so soon. he told me he was gone for half an hour. i thought I had lost my mind - was dissociating, like Sybil.

body distortions - parts of my body feeling too big or too small - for some reason the thought of that symptom still feels so uncomfortable and crazy to even talk about, i’m going to stop now. I’ve had that one since I was a kid and don’t like it one bit.

all the hallucinations - auditory, olfactory, visual visual visual - you’re all familiar with these. i really did think something terrible was wrong with my eyes. i was used to migraine aura, but i wasn’t used to SUDDEN flashes, floaters, visual snow so bad i couldn’t see ten feet in front of myself, white-outs laterally in both eyes, star bursts, strobe lights, blind spots (not like scintillating scatoma), seeing my heart beat constantly …etc…

and yea, limbs going numb, brain freezes, and all the zillion types of vertigo, disequilibrium, etc, that we lump into dizziness. Walking like the scarecrow, walking on slippery mud. seeing the world whipping!!! Afraid to open my eyes the whipping was so bad. lying in bed all day, afraid to open my eyes.

It’s an absolute wonder what a little migraine can do, let a lone the agonizing pain and the disabling hangover it causes.

migraine-associated symptoms


I love that!

My neurologist report says diagnosis of Migraine Variant. I tell people I have vestibular migraines. It’s just mysterious enough to get me lots of sympathy but not bad enough that people avoid me for fear of catching whatever I have.

It would Make people stop and think hey?
I bet they say , oh thats nice dear

are you sure we’re not siamese twins. lol

seperated at birth adopted out ,
sent off to Foreign lands,
sorry I forgot that bit.
its late and I havent slept in 24 hours,
because nobody wants to give me any sleeping tablets,
and I’ve run out of xanax,
I hate Australia, Ya just cant get good doctoring here!
they dont play fair, they give you the good stuff and then take it away,
just as you were getting used to it. :mrgreen:
not happy
I’m going to have to start making my own if they keep this up.

I’d mail you some valium, but … um … I think that’s illegal.

making your own, now there’s an idea, Jen. i’m looking at some of your recent posts and you seem to be your most creative in the middle of the night, when you’re sleep deprived - keep on letting it flow - one of these days you might just hit on an actual cure

i’ll get out my chemisty set :slight_smile: