Shaky eyelids?

OK, perhaps this is over-the-top specific, but… When I close my eyes, mostly daytime (I very rarely notice this when going to bed), my eyelids feel really shaky. Think of it as tiny open/close-movements, perhaps 4-5 times a second. Very small movements, of course. It makes me think of some kind of neural overactivity… Sounding familiar? :slight_smile:

Could it be that your eyes themselves start moving when you close them, making it feel like your eyelids are fluttering? I have a problem with nystagmus and I expereince the sensation I describe when I close my eyes. I simple test is to close your eyes for a few seconds and when you open them are you looking at the same thing as when you closed your eyes or does it take a moment or two for your eyes to adjust and re-orriant themselves.

Hmm, good idea, hadn’t thought of that :slight_smile:
But no, it doesn’t seem to be nystagmus, and I look at the same spot even after having them closed for 10 seconds. I also tried holding my fingers on the eyelids, and 1) relax and 2) move my eyes from left to right, and it didn’t feel the same at all.
Still, not a bad thought!

No tran, i haven’t had that one either.

If I am really tired my lower eyelid starts rapidly twitching, like it has a pulse in it. This is visible to other people and I can see it in the mirror. I think its because my eyes are working harder because of the dizziness.