Shooting pains in temples

May have asked this before… does anyone else get intense shooting pains in their temples??? Ouch :frowning:

hate it

I get shooting pains all over my head… Quite often in the back of my head. Doc said it’s migraine related pain. Ouch!

Me too, temples, forehead, side of my head, back of the head. An achy, stabbing pain.


ug i have having them right now. i have the worst headache. i dont usually get them this bad. my eyes are blurry and i am of course dizzy as all hell. I went on a trip and the altitude and motion caused me severe vertigo and i have not recovered from it since. i had to take a sudafed for my sinuses and now i am paying for it with this headache. i read that it causes rebounds, and it def has for me. but i also have to watch my sinuses or i tend to get infections.

how long do your shooting pains last?
mine is like a sharp stab that lasts a split second sometimes on the left of my forehead or some times right above my right ear near my temple.
But they come on and will come intermittently on and off for some time and then go away for an extended period.
Is this what happens to you all?

Yes nabeel. Pretty much exactly as u describe. L x