Should I increase Topamax?

Hi Guys,

Thought maybe some of you (men) might not read my other plea for help as it’s hiding under the hormonal heading about periods… ick… :shock:

So just a shout out to ask, I’m in the midst of a gross relapse; ears are more full than ever, can’t walk in a straight line, etc etc…

Question is:

I’m half way through titrating the Topamax from 50mg night only, to 50mg both morning and night. But I’ve been on 50mg at night and just the 25mg in the morning for the last month as it was making me knackered. Now I’m hit with the relapse, I’m wondering whether upping to 50mg in the morning would likely help or hinder. :?:
Don’t want to up the Nort as it is pretty rank on the constipation side effects…

Is it a sign that Topamax is not my drug? After being on it for so many months at 50mg at night, I thought perhaps it was…

Any suggestions gratefully welcomed as I amm at a complete loss as to what’s caused this and more importantly what to do next.

Thinking to call Dr S tomorrow but wanted to gauge opinion of people who have actually been on the drug.

Thank you…xx

P.S I have lost 5 pound in weight- EVERY CLOUD N ALL THAT YAY!!! :smiley:

Topamax has helped me so much, but it has also been a bitch to get used to! I noticed a huge improvement at 100 mg and tried going up to 150 mg but I felt tired all the time. I am thinking of now adding nori to my topa. But if i were you, Id def go up to 100 mg. Its worth a shot. 50 mg during the day will suck at first, but ur body will adjust. :slight_smile:


I myself am getting ready to make the jump to 100mgs. I am nervous about this too as nothing has improved yet. Some things, like photophobia (bright objects outside are impossible too look at. White or tan walls are so damn bright and covered in phosphenes/snow) almost seem worse. I figure that I have come this far so I might as well jump to 100mgs and give it a few months trial, I just wish I had some more positive things going on. I did feel worse the first few days at 75mgs, but those icky feelings are now gone, but my symptoms do not seem better, if anything seem almost worse (or I am just worrying about them more.) I have come too far to turn back now and would hate myself if I don’t give this a try. My biggest fear if if I give 100mgs a few months of trial, what comes next? Do I keep going up, or do I come off and try something else? The coming off part is what scares me the most… I don’t want my visual problems to get any worse.

Just thought I’d document here…

I called Dr S’s secretary. Explained that I had been told by Dr S to increase the Topirimate from 50mg at night, to include 25mg in the morning and then after 2 weeks to increase further to 50mg in the morning. But that I had stayed at 25mg in the morning for 4 weeks due to feeling v tired from the dose and have now hit a relapse and wasn’t sure whether to stick at the 25mg or go up to 50mg.

She just called me back with Dr S’s advice.

Instructions are:

Not to increase the Topirimate.

That there was always a risk that I would have a relapse while he tries to get the balance of the medication right.

He understands the side effect of feeling tired etc but unfortunately that is a side effect of this drug, but we have to weigh up the side effect against the benefit of feeling better.

Instruction to rest and take it easy during this relapse.

Once I start to feel better, then increase the Topirimate.

If I don’t feel any better in another week, call back.

My concern is that I should have just upped it to 50mg 2 weeks in because I was feeling really good then…Why didn’t I do that? What a dick.

Plus I have been ‘relapsing’ for 1.5weeks now and in a different way to the smaller ‘usual’ bad days.

Hopefully with some rest, I will come back from this, and can then increase, otherwise I am a bit worried.

Factoring in ‘rest’ is difficult when attempting not to piss off your employer, as rest then leads to stress!

I had a slightly better day than the other yesterday, but back to crap again today so I suppose that’s one positive for yesterday.


:frowning: SULKS


I think Dr. S gave good advice (who could disagree with him? :lol: )

Unless Im mistaken, it seems that he doesnt prescribe Topamax very often. Im curious, why did he prescribe it in your case, as opposed to one of his usual favorites?

I have been on 100mgs for about 5 days now. I don’t feel much worse, but it has still not put a dent on my visual problems (the main reason I am taking it is more Persistent Migraine Aura). I know I need to give it at least 3 months at this dose, but I am really losing my hope and faith. I am starting to feel like nothing will help me and I also worry about coming off the Topamax. The last few months I had some hope that this drug would help me, but the longer I am on it, the more I fear that I am wasting my time and perhaps making things worse. My anxiety has also been through the roof as I cannot stop thinking about these distracting visuals I see all day, every day. My doctor simply told me to contact him once I hit 100mgs, but I miyself feel like I need to give it at least 3 months, or else this was all a waste of time. The longer this goes on, I feel more and more that I will never find any relief…