Should I see a neurologist or neuro-tologist?

I have asked to be reffered to a neuro-tologist but they have reffered me to a neurologist instead . Im going down the docs to confront them about this descion or shall I just see the neurologist first? Trouble is Im travelling to see these people and its a 200 mile trip for me dont know what to do go for this neuro appointment and see what happens or push to see the neuro-tologist who Ive heard are more specialised in thiese disorders ?

Hi Blondie,

I guess it all depends on how well versed this neurologist is in treating migrainous vertigo. Does he/she know what it is and how it is best treated? Has he/she had any experience with other patients? Lisa will be the better person to comment. If it’s just as easy to see a neuro-otologist, I’d probably push for that.

Good luck with it all.


Hi Blondie,
IN terms of best managing the meds for MAV, a neurologist would generally have the most expertise provided they are aware of MAV. I would start by finding a Headache or MIgraine Specialist and calling the office to make sure they are aware of MAV. If you tell us where you are located, maybe someone on the site could make a recommendation. Most major medical centers would have migraine specialists who should have experience with MAV.
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My neuro-tologist is the one that diagnosed me but he sent me to a neurologist to get treatment.