Should i start propranolol before seeing Dr Silver

I am thinking about asking my GP to prescribe me Propranolol before I see Dr Silver. I am seeing him on 30th July but feeling so terrible lately that I would like to start improving if possible.

The only thing is, I don’t know if that is what Dr Silver would go with and what his dosage increases normally are

KathyD started on Propranolol before seeing Dr Silver. I am on Propranolol that was prescribed by Dr Silver. He started me on 80mg slow release propranolol at night, increasing by 80mg every 2-3 weeks according to side effects and benefit. I have worked up to his maximum dose of 320mg.

Dr Silver will likely suggest a beta blocker as his first line treatment for you so yes this is a good idea Richy. He seems to prescribe Propranolol or Metroprolol. For me he suggested Metoprolol first on a starting dose of 50mg once a day increasing by 50mg every 2 weeks to a max of 100mg twice a day. He says it should be stopped if breathing or circulation difficulties occur or if there are nightmares or if dizziness is significantly worsened.

is 80mg a low dose Katherine? I suppose I can talk about it with my GP actually

It’s the lowest dose of the slow release version. I was scared to trial it but I am so glad I did. I would go to your GP and ask if you can start it. Dr Silver seemed surprised that I hadn’t been put on a migraine preventative by my GP before I saw him but my GP never suggested it and I never asked.

thanks Kath, will discuss it with my doctor tomorrow, thanks for the info

Hi Richy,

I agree with what Katherine and Jem have said. I had started on 80mg slow release propranalol 2 weeks prior to seeing him. He told me to double it straight away!! The idea is to work up to your highest tolerated dose slowly.

Good luck and keep us updated


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