Should MAV sufferers see Neuro-otologists or Neurologists?

I am due for some further consultancies with an otologists but does
It make sense? Or should I switch to a neurologist ?

I’d say it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re experienced with MAV. I was basically diagnosed with MAV by an ENT who doesn’t know how to treat it, and I’ve got a neurologist who’s not experienced with MAV (beginning to wonder if he even believes it’s an actual malady) and isn’t doing a bang-up job as far as I can tell - pretty much sticking with the “tried and true” migraine meds (anti-convulsants) and doesn’t seem willing to go outside the box. As frustrating as it is, I think I’m going to have to find yet another doctor who’s better able to figure out what might help… I can’t seem to tolerate anything I’ve tried. UGH.

In my experience, the docs that know the best about MAV are neurologists that specialize in headaches. They probably see the most MAV because of the migraine connection.

I only know what I’ve been to.

My guy is actually a clinical professor of Opthalmology, who is board certified in Neurology and did a fellowship in Neuro-Opthalmology. So I honestly don’t know exactly what he is considered, except that I know he specializes in neurological and optical disorders, including migraines.

I could have sworn that at one point his department was referred to as oto-neurology, but it doesn’t seem to be at this point in time.

A neuro-otologist tested and diagnosed me, gave me information and articles he had written, and referred me to a neurologist who is a headache specialist for the management of my MAV and chronic migraine.

My experience was similar to teddypan’s (even though I had some other stops along the way - primary care doc, urgent care, etc.). A neurotologist diagnosed me and he referred me to a neurologist for ongoing treatment. The neurotologist didn’t mention it at the time, but I later found out he was one of the co-authors of the Medscape article on MAV.