Side effects of propranolol


So was wondering does any suffer with any side effects a couple of weeks after taking prop, I’ve been getting pins and needles and my legs are sore to touch. Has anyone else experienced this or will it be something else because I’ve alresdy been on it a while. Thank you :blush:

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Well I was ‘t expecting you today I must admit. Just like youn I found no direct side effects with increased doses Propranolol at all. It was just like eating Dolly Mixtures. Propranolol must be altogether long term, seems to take longer to kick in and side effects do seem to appear much later. I’d been on it several months before I experienced some strange skin blotches appearing. They disappeared after a couple of weeks without treatment. Then, a few weeks/months later same again but in different place on my body. I have experienced pins and needles too, still do but personally no pain. None whatsoever. Does the site feel hard to the touch? Are you monitoring blood pressure and pulse rate? Do NOT panic or stop the meds but take your pulse and blood pressure just as a precaution. Helen

That’s a shame! I surprised you at least lol. Well it’s rather the prop or it could be the fact I’ve stopped smoking (again) started again after two years. 4 months ago, but quit again. I’ve also noticed my hairs falling out a lot. For some reason my hair never falls out so even the odd strands are really strange but it’s defo coming out lots. Don’t know wether this is going from the pregnancy luscious locks or if it’s the prop. X

Tbh I’ve always had strange lower pains in my legs kind of like shin splint pains, there really tender to touch at the minute and if I knock them they hurt like mad, my sisters suffers with the same thing. I haven’t had it checked I was suppose to at the doctors but never went, and I actually sold my blood pressure monitor a few months back. X

the hair must be the pregnancy

Hair loss is a known side effect of the Propranolol. Pity you got rid of the monitor. It’s handy for checking your pulse which might be good idea to do. Helen

How long did it take you to get used to Propranolol?

Because it’s making me feel so tired all day and I swear it gives me insomnia, I find it hard to sleep and toss and turn for hours each night.

I reduced my dosage to 20mg twice a day. I still feel some vertigo though.