Significance of stress


I’ve been away for a while…since my pregabalin has been allowing me for a year to have a bit of a life. I have been doing far more sometimes the symptoms have crashed but they have picked up again. However this week my stress factor has gone though the roof due to a bullying by the department of work and pensions. Consequently my symptoms have crashed big time. I am afraid now not just at having my benefits withdrawn but because I fear that I have overloaded my brain so that the drugs won’t work. I can’t reduce the stress because my dispute with the benefits agency will go on for some time. What do I do? I wonder if by going out and about after being housebound for 4 years is too much for my brain? Or is the DWP stress simply the last straw. Surely the meds haven’t stopped working after a year.

I think it’s the stress and the high amount you’re under right now. My MAV started due to long term stress and even though I’ve been feeling better this past year while on my meds, if my stress escalates at all, I can feel the MAV start to creep up on me. I try to sleep well and exercise a lot but sometimes it’s not enough. :frowning:

I used to have a massive stress threshold (and I mean massive), I could cope with virtually anything, and anything in abundance.

But now? Forget it. Even mediocure stuff I feel sets my MAV up for further combustion. I hate it.

What exactly is the issue with the DoWP? Surely if the specialist (Dr S) says you’re unfit for work, then how are the able to dispute that and on what grounds? You still need to get proper advice either from the Citizens Advice or from a lawyer.

Have you been reseaching current similar cases on the web?