SITE ISSUE: corrupted header on desktop

Guys, an upgrade revealed an issue with the html of the header … I’m working on it :smiley:


Fixed, please refresh your browser!

Sorry for the ugly look!

(boy, that’s another web dev tip learnt!)

All looks great to me :smiley:

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I’m aware there is still a formatting issue on tablets in portrait. Working to resolve.


I didn’t even know there was a problem, nice to be a technophobe sometimes!!!


Haha, yeah, only showed up if you were seeing the site in a narrow window, e.g. an iPad mini etc.

Glad I haven’t got one then, just a very simple Doro for old ladies!!! And a very simple Hudl that even my grandchildren had aged 3!!!

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Ah, well the mobile version doesn’t have the header as you know, so the issue wouldn’t have shown there, but if you had had your ‘Hudl’ in portrait orientation it should have shown there? (Not sure the Hudl does portrait?). Anyway, all fixed now :slight_smile:

Oh and btw, made slight change in that if you don’t enter a Name in your preferences, you still get a greeting in the right of the header, but now it uses your username in single quotes.

Just noticed!

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