Sitting still

Does anyone have trouble with this? Nothing to do with anxiety per se but with a moving, swirling, sensation inside my head that seems to abate somewhat if I move around? I know folk have said they feel better in moving cars but does anyone, even though dizzy when upright, feel better up and about rather than sitting still? Accompanying that feeling is very tired, heavy eyes that can’t seem to stare at anything or anyone without my head going funny and disorientated. Anyone?


Brenda: I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. I have a really hard time sitting still sometimes. I know at work when I have been in front of my computer for a period of time I feel much better when I get up and walk around for 5 minutes or so. It just settles me down some. I get this feeling sometimes during the night. It wakes me up and I feel better when I walk down stairs for awhile. I just cannot lay down and sleep. Sometimes when I am feeling my worst the best plan of action for me is to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. It is almost like inside your body is moving. I can’t explain it anymore than that, but yes I do know what you mean.


Thanks so much Joan. This is a fairly new symptom for me and it’s thrown me a loop. And when I’ve been moving and then try to sit I have to work through a minute or two of horrible treacly dizziness inside my head, like a swirling fog that is really hard to deal with and that has caused a bit of panic once or twice.