I think I’ve identified a BIG new trigger. My dog was sprayed by a skunk last weekend, and despite my best efforts, the smell is lingering on the dog and around the house (my husband let her in before he knew she had been sprayed). I’ve been having vertigo spells all week, more than I’ve had in a few years. I thought maybe it was from stress, because I applied, interviewed, and was offered a new job at the company where I work. However, I’ve been through much bigger stressors over the past few years and not had as big a set-back as I had this past week.

I’ve also noticed the vertigo has only occured while at home, although my other migraine symptoms have been ramped at work and other places too.

Has anyone else ever noticed being triggered by skunk spray?

Thank god we don’t have skunks in oz,
My dog sometimes stinks like a skunk , after rolling around in some dead rodent in the back yard.
Frogs mostly.
I’d love to hear what the headache society would think of that trigger.

Sorry Marci, but that’s sound so funny, Skunk :lol:


The bad thing is I have three dogs, two of which are hounds, so they never seem to learn not to chase after a skunk! Idiots! :mrgreen:

I thought hounds are really clever dogs?

My dog was poisoned by a green tree frog, she tried to eat it, We saved the frog as they are a “protected species” And although she vomited heaps , she STILL chases them and other more poisonous one’s around the back yard, I’m forever having to lock her inside, little trouble maker she is.
Terrier never buy a terrier! Cute but stupid! :oops:


A skunk’s spray triggering/exacerbating symptoms sounds probable. A lot of migraine sufferers can’t handle sulfur/sulfites, and a skunk’s spray is a combination of chemicals that contain sulfur. Trace amounts of the chemicals probably remain if the odor is still present.

Thanks George! I appreciate the scientific explanation. I bathed the dog again last night, and the smell seems to be finally gone. I used a hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap concoction that works well when she was first sprayed. However, I suspect the dumb hound rolled in the leftover spray in the yard sometime after she was bathed the first time.

Jen, hounds aren’t necessarily stupid, but they are extremely stubborn!!! This one is an American Fox Hound I got from a rescue last summer. This is the second time she’s been sprayed. My other hound is Beagle, who has also been sprayed two times. My third dog is a rescued Border Collie mix, who has NEVER been sprayed, proving they truly are a smarter breed. :wink: