Sleep and Migraine

I have just got back from my first holiday for 14 years, braved it and went to Spain. Spent a lot of time on the bed with exhaustion and the day before I flew home had a full blown vertigo attack which lasted all day (I panicked that I would have to stay out there) but it eased off in the evening and the next morning just felt sick and bit dizzy, stemetil got me home!) God, what we have to go through.

Anyway, I didnt get much sleep out there (heat and mozzy biting) Mostly one and half to 3 hrs a night, but no real bad headache for the first 7 days. It was only when I slept for 8 hrs that I woke with the migraine, which then went on into the vertigo. Does anyone else have this connection with sleep? I always sleep on my back with 3 pillows (cant turn on side) wondered if there was a connection with the neck.

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Migraine can be triggered by sleep, my neurologist told me that. It can be triggered if you get too little or too much or if you do it at an unusual time.

I don’t know much about necks, but I have heard somewhere that migraine can also be caused by a problem with your neck, so it might be worth it having it checked out by someone (a physio?)

Also, another possibility is that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, which is making your migraine worse when you wake. Apparently, some people don’t have obvious signs of grinding (painful jaw, signs on teetch, lines on inside of cheeks) but actually do without realising it and it causes migraine.


Hi Christine,

Sleep disturbance is a BIG migraine trigger – no question about it. I recently did a trip from Sydney to Toronto and back. The sleep disruption both ways, jet travel and jet lag totally slayed me. Within 3 days of arriving home, the migraine from hell arrived and is still here now – 2 weeks later! It won’t budge. Neck pain, head fog, fatigue and a low-level flu-like feeling persists.

Scott 8)

Hi Becky,

I had a mouth thing fitted for teeth grinding but couldnt sleep with it in, it felt too queer.

Had mri on neck which showed up nothing.

Hi Scott, funny you should say that. The first 7 days of the holiday, I had no sleep hardly and no migraine. First night I slept 8 hrs and woke with bad migraine. Flew home and now 4 days of continuous migraine, but am sleeping more. Just wondering if one type of preventative is better than another for the sleep type of migraine? Anyone know?

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