Sleep apnea affects on the vestibular system

Hi all,
I have been wondering how many of us (if any) have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or may think they have it? This snippet from Dr Carol Foster made me wonder. I do not know that I have sleep apnea but I will talk with my Dr about it to see if he feels there may be a connection worth exploring. Here is the quote and a link to peruse.

I went private to find out and I don’t have it. Waking up an average of 6 times per night (that’s average as I can wake up around 20 times) is completely normal! Forget all the other red flags and the fact I never woke up before is neither here nor there apparently. The health system needs a drastic overhaul as the broad brush diagnosis model is laughable.

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Couple additional articles:

Speaking more along the lines of Ménière’s here but still interesting:

Hi Andy, very hard to believe waking 20 times a night is “normal”! I don’t remember waking much at all “before MAV”… but like you and so many others, waking a lot through the night now is pretty commonplace and so exhausting!

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