Sleep Apnea anyone?

Hey folks,
Since the beginning of this ordeal three years ago my wife has been complaining about my “terrible snoring”. She’s always told me I snored but she’s been telling me that since this started its gotten alot worse. We’ve even mentioned it to several doctors who always just shrug and don’t know to make of it. Recently I started questioning her about it and asked her if I ever stop breathing. She said “oh yeah - you gag and gasp then sort of stir and shift postions and go back to sleep - then you do it all over again all night long - its really annoying”.

Needless to say I’ll be going to see yet another specialist.

Could this be a smoking gun?


someone mentioned recently that snoring can occur due to the meds we take (?) I didn’t think much about it at the time. I know that when I was real sick and sleeping only a couple of hours a night, i would wake up gasping for air.

I’m sure I should have a sleep study done, but that’s further down on my list right now. I let a lot of things go for a couple of years and have some catching up to do.

Good luck, Chaz. Let us know what happens,


Only med I’m taking is Verapamil and I’ve only been on that for 4 weeks. Some of the articles I’ve read indicate that sleep deprivation in general and sleep apnea in particular can be a huge factor in the development of migrainous conditions. I’ll keep you informed as I run this to ground.


My sister is a PT. She just emailed me telling me a story of a home visit to a stroke victim due to a clot his heart threw after going into arrhythmia because of an episode of sleep apnea. I emailed her back and told her that I’ll put it on my list but that I had two years of things to catch up on. She emailed me back and said, if you suspect you have sleep apnea, and saw this guy, you’d run out and have that study done. I guess I’ll put this higher on my list.

Yeah, I’ve been reading alot about it and talked with a friend who was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a couple of years ago. Based on what I’ve learned I agree with your sister. It can be quite dangerous, can cause all sorts of serious problems and in my case I pretty much have all the symptoms and risk factors. I also think that in my case at least it really could be a smoking gun - that is a single risk factor that might be triggering the MAV. Although the thought of wearing a CPAP every night isn’t real appealing - imagine if it could resolve all these symptoms. I’d take the CPAP over this dizziness in a heart beat.

Whats more I’ve read several accounts on the web of people who were experience unexplained dizziness which resolved when they were treated for sleep apnea. One person was even told point blank by their doc that they had MAV and the MAV was being caused by apnea.

Doctor’s appt tomorrow and I’m going to insist on getting a sleep study done. I’ll keep you posted.


I doubt you’ll have any trouble getting a sleep study done given what you GF/wife is telling you - you stop breathing at night! If that doc won’t get you one, you need a new doc! :slight_smile:

that’s interesting regarding MAV/apnea.

tell us more about that and how things go with you.

Good luck,