Sleep modification helps migraines

This is about heaadaches of course, but migraines are migraines…

Worth a read, I think.

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Behavioral Sleep Modification May Revert Transformed
Migraine to Episodic Migraine
Anne H. Calhoun, MD; Sutapa Ford, PhD
Background.—Sleep problems have been linked with headaches for more than a century, but whether the
headaches are the cause or the result of the disrupted sleep is unknown.
Objectives.—We previously reported that nonrestorative sleep and poor sleep habits are almost universal in a
referral population of women with transformed migraine ™. Since cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in
improving sleep quality in individuals with poor sleep hygiene, we designed a randomized, placebo-controlled study
to assess the impact of such treatment on TM. We hypothesized that behavioral sleep modification (BSM) would
be associated with improvement in headache frequency and intensity and with reversion to episodic migraine.

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I’m having a sleep test in about 8 weeks. I’ll have to go to a hospital and sleep there.
I sleep really well, and I never wake up but maybe I’m not getting the right kind of sleep?
Or do people with vestibular issues always get the fatigue anyway??


This’ll be really interesting for you and for us to see your results.

How did you manage to get them to agree to a sleep study? Its so hard, practically impossible, in the UK unless you pay massive amounts for it.


Hello missmoss,

First of all, of course I will post something on the sleep study !

Hmm well, the idea came from my ENT. She said that MAV or hydrops or any other vestibular problem could cause fatigue
but she thinks mine is just really extreme so…
I just looked it up, it’s not so expensive: 75 € and I have some sort of hospital Insurance (I pay a monthly fee of 22 euro, it includes health
Insurance abroad, etc…) that will pay some of it back.

I don’t understand why it must be so expensive in the UK. I’m sorry to hear that.

Keep you posted!


75euros?! I’m coming to Belgium!!! x

Yes I don’t get it because some specialists ask for the quadruple of that for 20 minutes and this basically talks a whole evening and night and you get breakfast too!!

Very welcome here :wink:
We don’t have Topshop though…

No Topshop I can live with… but do you have any decent second hand stores, like charity shops, and flea markets?! Because that is my passion and is what gets me out of the house and is the only thing that will ever make me get up on a Sunday before 10am even if I feel like I’m about to drop through massive dizziness :smiley:

Anyways, good luck with the sleep study. V exciting! x

Yes we have nice second hand stores and some flea markets :smiley:

Thanks a lot!