Sleep Paralysis?


I did find an old post on someone else having sleep paralysis but I tried to bump it up and it didn’t work… I wondered if any of the active forum users suffer from sleep paralysis?

In the latest twist and turns of My Mental Life, please file this one in the F*cked Up Brain section.

This is what I am experiencing when I’m telling my boyfriend I’m having ‘nightmares’. … -paralysis

I have had these short nightmares on and off for years, where I can’t remember what really happens in them, but I end up knowing I’m dreaming, I am really scared, trying to wake up, but can’t. But the last few weeks I’ve had them every single bloody night and whenever I manage to actually wake up, I fall asleep and they start again. Or maybe I’m not actually waking up, I just think I am, so they constantly continue.
It’s worse when I have a dream, in a dream, in a dream and can’t wake up until I wake from each dream. But that’s just getting even more complicated

Last night, I was screaming and screaming but no sound was coming out of my mouth. I remember thinking my house mate would surely wake up and think I was being murdered.
I was then trying to move to try to reach my light to switch it on but every time I tried to reach for it and felt the switch in my hand, I flicked it and nothing happened (because I wasn’t actually holding it, I was dreaming that I was.)

In the end, I do wake up, but it can take ages and its doing me in. I am so knackered down to the Topamax titration in itself and setting an alarm 3 hours before I wake up every morning to take my morning dose so I’m less spaced out.

Anyway, there ya go. Wondered if anyone else experiences this nightly terror?



Our symptoms are nearly identical. Everything you have i seem to have :smiley:
I have horrible dreams/nightmare and i end up waking up very anxious!! I also have it where I can’t wake myself up, I am paralysed so I can see my bedroom but I can’t move my body for a good 5/10 seconds!! it’s awfully!!


I’ve had this sort of experience, too. Foul.

One thing that I’ve SOMEtimes been able to do in this sleeping-aware state is recognize that I can’t move or make sounds or sometimes even get a breath, and choose to consciously give up/lie back. When I’ve manged this, it’s a kind of taking back control.

Thanks for your replies… I’m gonna try the ‘don’t do anything’ thing next time and see what happens.

Wiggling my toes seems to help sometimes. Odd.

yup…its happened to me a few times. in my dream I look for a tall building & jump off it…it usually works. i know that sounds crazy.

sometimes i cannot wake up & i can actually see myself sleeping, its a little scary b/c i feel like im in a horror movie. im always tired when i wake…
i wonder if there is a hermal remedy that can help with this?


I believe this is a common phenomenon for many people, even those without migraines.

I first experienced this when I was just 16. In the end, I was frightened to go to bed. My mind would be awake but my body asleep, I would scream and nothing was happening, I would try and move and nothing moved. One thing that I discovered was that you should eat something, do not go to bed on an empty stomach. Also, it often happens when lying on your back, I still, always sleep on my back (I have to because of vertigo) but if you can sleep on your side, its less likely to happen. Also, it tends to happen when you are exhausted (similar to the vertigo, I always feel really sleep tired with that).

I went for years without it coming back, until I took Sanomigran and this caused it to happen again.


Christine, I saw you said sleeping on your side gives you vertigo. I just wondered if you knew why? It’s just that several times when I have been lying on my left side I have woken with a vertigo attack with the room spins. I don’t know if it’s because I was on my left side or just coincidence. I have tried to sleep on my back but I just can’t do it. Is this something many people with MAV find? x

Jem, I never worked this out but I have been like this for years. They first thought I had menieres but then said I had vestibular migraine (MAV) same thing. I fall asleep much easier on my side, but I mustnt or I will flip on to my back in the night and get full blown vertigo. I cannot sleep on either side, I sleep propped up on 3 pillows on my back, top pillow feather and scrunched around my neck because if my head falls to one side I can wake with vertigo. I tested the sleeping on the side out one year and 4 times I slept on my side and woke with vertigo so I dont bother anymore. I dont sleep brilliantly on my back but at least I dont wake up with vertigo as a rule.


God it’s so weird this thing isn’t it. I have a feeling that I am the same but I cannot for the life of me think of why. I tried sleeping with 3 pillows after my last attack of spinning but I just woke with a stiff neck the next day so i am back on two now, awaiting the next one! x

i am having this every night at the moment. I get this just after falling asleep :frowning:

I don’t think I get this exactly but nori certainly makes me have some very vivid horrible dreams, especially early in the morning where I am kind of half asleep and half awake. It’s not fun!

I used to get this sometimes for years before i got MAV, i have not had it since having MAV though, not sure which is worse?

I absoultly use to get those a ton before all the meds i am on now. they started off sinister like you but if you tune in they are not at all. you can be very conscious of what you are doing sometimes. you can get good at it. Not only that, I would feel my body coming out of it self (out of body experiences). but this took years of working at. If you listen in on these, they are some sort of message. the out of body one, gave me a message that was said “be good to all of the people, animals everything around you bc you will all be with eachother in other lives”. I also had a very intense vibration in my body and i heard sort of Om, angel like singing. I am not a religious person by the way. I am sure i sound cray to you but that is what happened. I felt my body lifting and i got really scared so i stopped the whole thing and could not finish the rest of the messages. in fact, i had a lot of them right before this f-d up mess has all happened. I know you will think I am crazy. but right before this condition happened. I had one of those sleep paralysis again but i was totally conscious of what is going on but could not wake. Like a state of inbetween wake and sleep. I heard all these loud church bells ringing in my ears then, i started singing with the “angels” that were shouting at me. I could not understand the message though. and it was real bc the whole house woke up with me shouting this song very loudly. and i had the vibrations and the in tenseness again. then soon after all this happened. I dont know if it is related but some crazy stuff started happening.

I believe there are some sort of message being delivered to us but sometimes we just are not ready to understand or hear them. I really wish i could do it again. but i am on so much medication that it seems impossible for me now. I was getting really good at it.

That sounds mega scary! Maybe you were dreaming? Or it was a trick of the brain.

When my friend was in intensive care in a coma, he said he had some of those out of body experiences, where he floated up the ceiling and was in the roof and beams of the building and was looking down on himself in his bed…

He wasn’t a religious person at all but he was adamant this happened. I did some research on this and found a lot of scientist believe the brain can play tricks- also similar to seeing the light at the end of a tunnel- a near death experience…

It’s interesting anyways

That sounds really frightening! I have been having strange feelings on waking up, not sure if it is something similar?!!
I have been waking up shaking?!! When it happens I am not quite awake and not quite asleep. I can cope with that, have had it on and off for a number of years. However, when I do waken, at least I think I’m awake, I am utterly confused!! It has happened about 3/4 times now and has caused me to panic as I have no idea where/who I am!!! That sounds really bizarre doesn’t it?!! It passes after a few seconds but it is a really horrible sensation.

(I know confusion can be common on waking but this feeling is a little different. It is much more intense and after reading your experiences I am really not sure whether I am awake or not! It may well be a dream within a dream!!)

Anybody else had the shaking experience?!! Xx