Hey dizzy people :smiley:

So your supposed to go sleep and get up at the sane time and have between 6-8 hours a night. I don’t think your supposed to to sleep in the day either.

So what you meant to do if your tired in the day because at the weekend i have a nap in the day because i am so tired. It doesn’t matter how much sleep i have i found myself always being tired. This was the case before the meds as well.

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Hi Rob,

I am always kanckered too, I tend to allow myself to nap as and when I feel I need to…right or wrongly I’m not sure but I reckon just go with what your body needs…?? xx

For me, resting, ie lying on my bed just chilling out/reading or lying on the sofa watching TV can reset my brain and relieve the tiredness so I don’t actually need to sleep. I do get at least 10 hours per night though. I was a lot more tired when I was working and I had to lie down as soon as I got home all night. It was really bad x

Why are we only supposed to have 6-8 hours? I get nearer 11! Is that bad? X

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Why are we only supposed to have 6-8 hours? I get nearer 11! Is that bad? X

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Hi Anna

This is what Dr Surenthiran recommended when I asked him how many hours sleep we should be getting.

@Rob: If i need to have a nap during the day i just go for it, so try not to worry to much mate. We can’t all be MAV superhumans like Dr S wants us to be 100% of the time.

Wow! So am I making myself worse by sleeping too much?! Please some one get me a large glass of vodka! @richy- I know what you mean, I don’t believe anyone can adhere to all the rules & regulations! X

I’m getting sod all sleep at the moment (lucky to get 5 hours and that is broken up) because i have twin babies, my MAV is much worse so i’m sure sleep is a factor. I think too much, too little or interrupted all affect it.

What I’ve heard from sleep scientists is that a ~20-minute nap is likely to refresh without messing up the night’s sleep.

I’ve tried everything. Sleeping less, sleeping more, sleeping 'normal, sleeping regularly on the same time every day. Naps no naps.
I’m a zombie no matter what. :evil: