Sleeping and tinnitus questions

I have not been on this site long, but I wish I had found it sooner, I might have avoided 2 surgeries for scds…2 questions here, I don’t see many of you talk about tinnitus, is this common with MAV? Does volume decrease if MAV improves?
I have to take ambiem to help with sleep, if MAV improves will sleep get easier…sorry, lots of issues in one post, but you guys are good! thanks in advance for your help!


Quite a few of us on here have tinnitus, I have it almost continuously. I used to get it on and off as a low drone or sometimes the (watch ticking) sound, now, its continuous high hiss, mostly in the right ear but sometimes the left joins in too (wey hey, stereo!)


yep, that’s me…constant high schrill in left ear and occasionally right side joins in, not too bad except for sleeping.
I always have music on in my office, it’s a good distraction…good luck with your issues.