Sleeping ouch's and MAV

Hello fellow Mavvees,

I am right now in between the more heavy attacks of vertigo, but balance unstable, having eye-problems, sore heads, major fogs etc etc. (Not using any meds: for various reasons not the first thing to do right now.)

I am wondering whether you have this too:
When i sleep it seems the body tends to contract muscles and get tense around the spine, i wake up with nerve-pains and have a problem moving to another side to sleep on. All places where bodyparts cross or lay upon eachother are sore/tense during second half of night. But the worst is the nerve pains and the tension around the spine, for which i can do exercises to ‘let some of it go’…

I really need to start my mornings very slow and need to do a lot of quiet exercises to get back into contact with the body and get a lil more loose joints and stuff, feel better generally too. It sure seems as if sleeping isnt my body’s favorite. At the same time i need a lot of sleep & regular ← ye all know that supposedly. Weird weird.
What i want to hear about is: do you guys have these nightly/early morn experiences too?

I wonder if this is more related to the MAV, or possibly more to (the start of) hormonal disbalances?

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I would really be helped if you share your experiences… pretty please?

Even if it is to point me to the right section in the forum or documentation if this exists.

Hi, I often get neck and back pains that cause difficulty when I turn over, but the back feels more like muscle spasms, the neck pain feels more arthritic due to a car accident years ago. I think both of sorts of pain can either be from carrying the daily strain of 24/7 dizzies, or all part of the migraine syndrome. Not sure what you mean by nerve pain?

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I think both of sorts of pain can either be from carrying the daily strain of 24/7 dizzies, or all part of the migraine syndrome.

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Yes, very possibly one of both. Just really gets me worried though :confused:

re Nerve pains… it is difficult to phrase how you experience pain and english isnt my first language.
I do get the ‘spasms’, those are mainly in my lowerback area. Nasty side-effects, but with some relaxing-techniques i can come a long way in “fighting” those.
The other pains, maybe they are more like ‘joint’-pains?
The neck is also tense/sore/hard absolutely (“Carrying the strain”), but the legs i don’t know what to call it: it feels like anything with a little weight of shape that lies on top of a leg hurts the core of the leg… the bone ‘hurts’ possibly? And this last one is a nagging electrical and very sore kind of pain.

are you holding yourself , bracing against attacks of vertigo? Did you have nighttime positonal vertigo?

Hmm there’s an interesting thought! Yes it all started with a nighttime positional-attack. I have since never had it start at night, and only a few times with a positional move. But hmmm…