I am more off balance when I am tired, like just before I go to bed and also when I get up in the morning and not fully awake x

Every night I sleep for 9 hours, and every day I wake up feeling like I’ve had 2 hours sleep. And every day I feel unbalanced.

Does anyone else have unrefreshing sleep like this or do you all feel refreshed?

No… I sleep OK, wake up a few times a night but generally fall asleep quickly and get around 7-8 hours, but rarely do I feel rested when I wake up. I have actually woken up feeling MORE tired then when I went to bed. I also notice that how tired I feel seems to be linked to how dizzy I am. I can tell right off the bat in the morning if it’s going to be a good day, or a bad day. On the rare days when I wake feeling rested I have pretty good, almost dizzy free days.

I also notice that on days when I’m overtired I get this tingling sensation all over my scalp, similar to that feeling when your leg falls asleep, but not quite as intense. The scalp tingly feeling is usually accompanied by some neck stiffness, and some really bad brain fog, on top of the dizziness. Anyone else in the boat with me on that one?

I usually feel refreshed once I am fully awakened from my sleep and I sleep a good 10 hours per night. However that feeling of refreshment may only last an hour or two after I get up as I tire very easily now.

Very rarely do I wake up refreshed but then for 12 months now I have slept Sat up in bed. As soon as I close my eyes my spinning starts and I go very faint. I must eventually drop off but when a wake the spinning still there till I open my eyes. 12 whole months this has happened for so no wonder I don’t feel refreshed :frowning:


That sounds awful. Do the doctors know why this happens to you? Do you spin if you close your eyes at any time even standing up? I have woken in the night with spinning vertigo when I open my eyes. Last night I woke up and felt like I was going to faint and was also very nauseous. I don’t know why.

Do you see Dr S, I wonder if he could explain why this spinning happens to you when you close your eyes … x