Slight back slide

Like a lot of us here on the board noticed after the holidays, I was feeling slightly unsettled but nothing I couldn’t handle. I attributed it to stress/the weather and hormones, but the last 10 days have been horrible to the point where Saturday I physically could hardly walk without holding on to the wall because the room was spinning so bad. It took 2 mg of Ativan, sleep and about 24 hrs to get to a functional point. Called my specialist first thing this morning and his office called back at 11 am and said he has a cancellation at 3 pm today and wants to see you it’s either today or Feb 14th, his office is a 2hr drive for me, needless to say I made sure I got there by 3 pm.

Outcome: he agrees with the above reasons stress/weather/hormones but feels my body has become used to the 100 mg on Topamax and we now need to increase. So now I’m back on the slow climb to 125 mg. He feels I will need 150 mg but we are going to try 125 mg first, I’ll start at 112.5 mg. He also suggested we switch from Ativan to Valium. I tried valium way back in 2004 when this first started without much success but I’ll give it another shot. Also going for an MRI with and without contrast. Haven’t had one since 2004 as well so kinda just checking to make sure all is still normal. Using the term “normal” loosely :lol: Any thoughts on this? Your opinions are always appreciated.

Thanks, Cecilia

Hi Cecilia - sorry you’re having a hard time of it. Switching up the valium may help with the increase in topamax. Have you run across any increase in food triggers in addition to the weather??? I didn’t crash right after Christmas. But, last week I botched my diet badly in addition to catching a cold/stomach virus thing so this week has been the worst for me since last November. I forgot how bad I could feel with migraine. It’s starting to let up but I’ve had to just go to bed, go back to severely bland diet, increase topamax, add back in the Advil, add back in some Ativan, and pray for better weather. This condition can be such a bitch. Hope you feel better very soon… Let us know how the valium works out… I’m going to ask about that at my next neuro appointment.