Slow release?

Hi Everyone,
I have heard about slow release meds. I have heard people taking a low dose med then being able to take a much higher mg/dose in a slow release form.
What’s the difference between them? Have people had more success on a slow release dose?


very good question Brookie,

I look forward to the response of others in the know. I am currently taking the original prop version but others on slow release seem to be on a much higher dose so your description sounds like it might be right.

Hi, I’m on 240mg slow release propranalol. I am afraid I can’t answer this but I think you may be on to something here! It does seem that my Dr, Dr Silver uses the slow release version. Here is an extract of the letter i received after my consultation with him. You may find some of it useful?!Please note that this drug was recommended with me in mind, however I am guessing the does/dont’s apply to all.

First line: to consider slowly increasing Propranalol by 80mg every 2/3 weeks.

'Propranalol is known to be effective in many patients with migraine. The drug should be started at a dose of 80mg at night. The dose can be increased to 160mg after 2/3 weeks if tolerated. The dose should be increased every 2/3 weeks according to benefit and side effects, aiming for a maximum tolerated dose or one that suppresses or completely suppresses all headache (28 days of the month with brilliantly crystal clear headache free days). Occasionally patients experience significant fatigue or nightmares on this medication, if such side effects continue after a few weeks of treatment it may be necessary to reduce or stop the drug and consider an alternative. If not completely effective in the management of headache it is often worth increasing to a dose of 240mg-320mg daily. On the case of dizziness on standing or slow pulse, below 45 bears per minute, the dose can be reduced slightly.

Beta blockers are not recommended if there is a history of asthma, if you become wheezy or short of breath in this drug it should be stopped and you will need to consult your local dr. Please note that dizziness or apparent ‘low blood pressure’ does not contraindicate use of Propranalol, of anything propranalol is used as a treatment for postural hypotension and is considered first line treatment for many patients with regular fainting. ’


Didn’t realise I was supposed to be taking my meds at night!! I split mine over the day. As Richy knows already I have had success with this drug. Once I hit the 240mg dosage it made a huge difference. Have had a little setback recently but getting back to baseline again now.

Thanks for posting that letter, KathyD. And your experience with it. Very useful. The max I went up to was 120mg (60mg twice a day). I then dropped back down to 60mg once in the morning. Tried the long lasting version initially for a month (80mg once in the morning), didn’t seem to help. My doc talked about increasing the dose, but I haven’t done it yet. Good to know you saw a huge difference at 240mg. I do feel faint all the time, so perhaps it will help with that too, if I increase the dosage.

Hi im new here and would like to shed some light on things. First off ive been diagnosed with everything from vertigo to tmj, major migraines that do not let up.
I just went in for CT scan and MRI both tests came back normal. This has been going on for over 2 yrs . Im not working right im not a happy person.
My father out of the kindness of his heart set up a massage for me to relax. This lady has 24 years massaging and after my session ,she sat and spoke with me.
I told her im so tired of these symptoms and im not liking the migraines along with brain fog. She told me that she felt my Atlas Bone was out… Please understand i looked this up and it made sense. Im tired of being doped up and no solutions so i went to a chriopractor yesterday, my atlas bone was so bad that he didnt understand how i was functioning …he set it and today i have no headache ,no symptoms of anything ,like i was never ill… please check into this and i hope it sheds some light

Hi Peraza,

not sure if you will get this, but if you do, did the Chiro continue to help you? Did you stick with it and find substantial relief from the dizziness and headaches? I hope you did :smile: