Smoky eyes

I’ve been feeling a little crappy the past couple of days just a little off then I had a little funny turn yesterday only for a second if I blinked I would have missed it, my flashing in my eyes as been worse quite severe then today I was stood in the kitchen and I looked up and it was like there was white smoke and the flashing is off the charts but its the smoke that’s scaring me as anyone else got this before? It’s freaking me out and for the past couple of days my legs have felt really weird kinda numb like there not mine this is a new one for me I’m so sick of this crap ahhh I’m so fed up of living in constant fear I just want to be normal and be the best I can for my kids.
Cheers Shenay x

Wow, I hope it’s better now than it was. That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone describe it as smoky.

Hi Shenay, In my aura stage I sometimes see things like there is a soft filter on them, it almost looks smoky. I liken it to Elisabeth Taylor in the perfume commercials or in movies where they soften the look of older actors/actresses. When I see things this way I know something not good is coming my way…

Yes, i have this everyday, it gets worse when the weather gets hot or im tired, but for me its like someone has smoked out the room or there is a fog in the room. Its so horrible, hope it doesn’t continue for you.

Just wondering: might you want to check with your ophthalmologist, to make sure this isn’t floaters. Sometimes they’re from a little crud, sometimes they’re from retinal detachment, which needs to be attended to, oh yess. I have no idea whether the “smoke/fog” experience could qualify.

I’ve gotten the “smoke” too - that’s just what the negative scotoma looks like for me when I get it (which is rare). I do have floaters as well but they look totally different for me. Along with what David said though, any new eye symptoms that worry you should probably be checked out just to be on the safe side.