So Confused

I have been just so miserable lately I cant stand it…For the past month and a half my MAV is completely out of control!!! I am in bed everyday cause I feel horrible and stress out anytime I have to leave the house…like tomorrow taking the kids trick or treating…I was just so used to feeling 75% getting shoved back down to 25% for sooooo long is killing me…I feel like a terrible mother and just a waste of space…I dont know what is going on…I have been following the diet…not my cycle…dont have a cold…and i am STILL feeling this bad? Have any other migraineurs had a HUGE setback after not feelign terrible for 6 months then wham back to square one?? And if so how long before you got to feeling 50% or 75% better…lots of heavy headedness lately too…am just so bummed out

Sorry to hear that you aren’t doing well. I still get spells that can last up to a day, but I can honestly say that I have not had a relapse that has lasted a month. You may want to talk to your doc about upping your dosage, or changing meds.

Regarding trick-or-treating, if you still have a stroller around from when your kids were younger, you may want to try using that. I use one every year as a disguised walker. :mrgreen:


Sorry to hear you’re having a bad streatch. I agree you should let your doctor know. The only time I have a spell that last more than a day or two. Is when the heavy storms (here in colorado) move in and out for a week at a time. the air pressure changes so much from low to high, it just makes me crazy. foggy head, off balance, nauseated ect…

hope you feel better soon…