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well I have smoked it, once. I got really fkin dizzy and got roaring tinnitus which came in waves, and by each wave it felt like I was freefalling (think blood was rushing up my head). And things sounded like I had an equalizer in my ears.
After that I could no longer tolerate the antiacids I took for possible reflux (“was” a singer, but hard to do nowadays “sobsob”). Then I got dizzy from a beer, and later from a cup of coffe…

Then I was dizzy all the time :roll:

So if you havent tried the marijuana, maybe you shouldnt. I was simply asking because I would like to know what reaction anyone else might have had.

And Im not sure I have mav, rather think its mdds, even though some things match what you people describe as well.

I have heard the clinton joke though, but didnt remember =)
Live in the grim and frosty north (sweden) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m confused. Why did you say you can’t find one in New York to help you if you don’t live near New York? Or do you live in New York state, but far away from the actual city? Heather

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That’s it Heather, I’m in New York State, not the city.

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well I have smoked it, once. I got really fkin dizzy and got roaring tinnitus which came in waves, and by each wave it felt like I was freefalling (think blood was rushing up my head). And things sounded like I had an equalizer in my ears.
(“was” a singer, but hard to do nowadays “sobsob”). Then I got dizzy from a beer, and later from a cup of coffe…

Then I was dizzy all the time :roll:

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All that from smoking it one time?
What a nightmare. :shock:

Singer? What type of music?


went to a “music-school” where I sang in a choir. This was some time back. I used to play guitar A LOT and sing with my band n’ stuff. Then I developed severe “mousearms” because of doing speed-exercises improperly. Still have problem with my arms (like now when I’m using the computer), and pretty much had to put my dream of becoming a professional guitarist aside. Was a really depressing time, as I pretty much had my entire identity in my ability to play guitar (was 17).

Then two years later I started having vocal problems out of the blue. Was just in the process of trying to figure out what was causing that (my bigger brother developed similar problems around the same time, altough he wasnt just as much into singing) when whatever it is I have hit me.

Went to an ENT recently (regarding the vertigo), and he couldnt help me with that, didn’t even refer me somewhere lol.
However he looked in my throat and said, “it’s all red down there!”. Yes I know that, but no one has been able to help me with that either.

I’m 21 years old; the last 4 years of my life havent been the best. That’s for sure.

If the marijuana caused this? Who knows, but I think its plausible to suggest that; maybe it wouldnt have happened if I wasnt taking reflux medication as well (and my doc had just told me to up the dose from once daily to twice). I dont bring it up anymore with the docs, as it makes them put me in a “nutcase” cathegory where I don’t belong. Unfortunately many of my friends and even my parents have done the same thing. I think MAYBE its finally dawning on them that its not “all in my mind”, who knows though…



Have you been tested by an ENT for vestibular loss? Your symptoms are similar to that of ototoxicity, or a vestibular disorder. You will need to have extensive testing done with a rotary chair, it is longer and more complicated than the ENG test that is usually given in many local ENT offices. I was extremely dizzy and sick at the time I went for mine, but the test itself was not bad at all, and I discovered what one of my problems was by taking it. It seems that migraine sufferers quite often end up with balance problems, too.


I’m sorry to hear, you have had to stop what you love doing., I know the feeling,
I’ve been a professional singer for 20 years and play some guitar, singing is my first love.
However I have had to give up my job, due to my mav and tachycardia, but I have a recording studio at home, and often dabble in song righting and recording them.
My husband is still working in the music industry, 4 nights a week.

Year’s ago I had vocal problems from doing sometimes up to 8 gigs a week, I was told to go to a speech therapist, Not a singing teacher, I did and she taught me how to save my vocal cords.
I never had a problem after that;
For me the head neck movement of singing triggers all types of rocking, and with Phonophobia and as a prominent aura, it made it difficult to be on stage.

My first dizziness appeared directly after getting off a plane in shanghia china, we were the resident muso’s for a year, 6 nights a week, 4 hour performances at the Ritz Carlton
I stood on stage rocking, every night, and wondered what the heck had happened.
The Drs there couldn’t help me, and after about a month of rocking on stage every night, I started having panic attacks, which I’d never had before.
The Dr’s thought for 13 years that I had MDds, until my aura became prominent, I’ve had rocking for 15 years since the trip to china, with only a few remissions.

Good to see your still making music Mikeal.

PS ,
if it is MDds you have, then most but not all MDd’sers have remissions.
and phsyiotherapy is a really good way of helping it, you might get a little worse to begin with but your brain will eventaully adapt.

all the best Mikeal.

Jenny, I must admit that I thought your husband was something along the lines of a musician (looked at photos ppl have uploaded), he looks very cool :smiley:

Im so sorry to hear that you cant even perform anymore. I still have many days that I feel almost normal, but have had days of much worse rocking and it made me panic even when I tried hard not to (couldnt remain still, had to walk around all day pretty much), so I know how that feels. I dont have photophobia, nor do I seem to be affected much by food. Thats why Im not sure its mav I have, even though I get the tastechanges, strobelight vision and can feel my heartbeat all over the place. The only thing that gets worse when the rocking gets less is the heartbeat thingy; I think it has to do with my blood-pressure. I always feel much better when I sleep ok, but it rises my bloodpressure as well I would think (im naturally a bit low).

I hope well find that magic cure one day =)


Thanks Mikeal,
I’ll tell Mike you said he looks cool, he’s 52 he’l be happy wiht that.

mid life crisis.

:stuck_out_tongue: jen

Mikeal ,
I cant download you songs yet , have to get hubby to install the programe for it.


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Have you tried marijuana, as its legal over there. Some say it helps migraines. I have no idea though!

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Hey Mike,
Thanks for the feedback. I have considered it as a lot of friends do smoke, but have been worried that it might make things worse. In the past, when I tried it only made me paranoid…


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A major medical-marijuana use is for controlling nausea, e.g. for people taking drugs with that side-effect. Migraine was explicitly mentioned, in a recent NPR radio interview, by Harvard Med’s Lester Grinspoon. However, I don’t see how it would be very likely to help with vertigo or cloudy-headedness.

Hi David,

Do you have the link to that NPR interview? Thanks S