So so tired of this!

Hi Friends! I’m having trouble staying positive today…feeling sad and just tired of dealing. Our son is home from school for spring break and we had to cancel a planned trip to the Bahamas…but that part is ok I guess if I knew that things would get better…Recently diagnosed with MAV after a ten year MS diagnosis at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown! So…new meds, new diagnosis!

Sorry, but I know many of you understand and just needed to vent!!"

I know how your feeling,. I have been dealing with this for 13 years and it stinks! I have 6 kids and we have plans that we have to change all the time…all because of this crap! I hate it! I am sorry your feeling badly, I try to tell myself that there are bad times with this and good times, so like me I have been in a BAD time since July (the longest ever) and Hoping and waiting for a lil of some good! Its hard!


Right there with you - of course i can’t make plans to travel but wish I could. i’ve been sick for 30 years with this and it’s gotten worse. this time of year i get really depressed. While others are making spring break plans with their kids i’m over here wishing i could take a week off and just stay home inside away from the pollen and lay around watching tv - well not what i really want to do but when i’m sick about all i can do. i feel like there is nothign to look forward to this time of year. Everyone making vacation plans and i get envious cuz i can’t go anywhere.

my BF has to run errands for me right now and i hate that too - being a burden is not me at all!!!

i had a bad day - had to stay home and work which i’m grateful i can do but it’s lonely and i want to be a “normal” person again. i’m scared about driving to work tomorrow but have to try.

this illness sux all i can say.

so you went for years thinking you had MS and you didn’t? OMG


Yes…believe it or not. Johns hopkins,mayo clinic and the mellon ms center at the cleveland clinic alldiagnosed ms in 1999. So the good news is that has changed … the bad news is being back at square one and trying to get the right combo of meds, identify triggers, etc. The dyseqiilibrium and painful migraine just got to me today…

I guess we all are allowed to have bad days emotionally sometimes? Here’s to better days ahead. :slight_smile:

hope you are having better days! today is horrible again for me - i just want to go home and crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there forever. I hate this. i’m at work but barely functioning i feel so sick


No need to apologize. We all have our bad days and are entitled to rant and feel sorry for ourselves, it’s ok. What matters is that after you walk through the mood a bit, you come up fighting again. Identifying triggers is vital and I know it can be overwhelming but results will come. Chart everything, be observant, answers will come. :slight_smile:

I hope you are feeling better. For me the hardest times emotionally are when my symptoms prevent me from doing something “normal” that I had really been looking forward to–maybe the Bahamas trip is like that for you. When I got sick I was in training to run the Boston Half Marathon and then couldn’t do it because of the damned MAV. I had a couple of good cries over that…months of training out the window.

Yes badger you hit the nail on the head!! Missing the trip with our son hOme from break saddens me!! Our son Plays college football and I made one game out of 12! Even at the game I made , I couldn’t last very long! My husband put me in a taxi back to the hotel!! It’s those missed events with family and friends and as you say those things we planned for… Wow the Boston marathon…thats impressive!! Clearly exercise not a trigger for you ;). I guess we all just need to take the good with the bad and yesterday was bad… Today a bit better. Thanks to all thT have posted. It does help and I hope for better days for all of us!!!