So up and down

This illness is so bloody frustrating. I’ve been feeling quite good at least mood wise for the past week or so being on 10mg of nori, but this afternoon totally out of the blue and for no apparent reason I felt extremely tired and then really dizzy again.

The meds certainly hadn’t cured the dizziness but at least the anxiety had gone down a bit. The funny thing is, I haven’t done anything different today to any other day this week.

I really can’t help feeling sorry for myself and extremely hard done by. It might sound pathetic but
I just want my life back arghhhhh

I’m seeing the neurologist in Zurich next week and hopefully will have a telephone appointment with Dr S soon also. If our brains can switch from being normal one day to dizzy the next why the hell can’t they switch back… Blah!

Rant over :slight_smile:

Hope you’ve all had a better day than I

Totally understand Richy it’s all so unpredictable. A few good days then bad ones. You can’t plan anything because you have to take each day as it comes. Just so draining isn’t it? I had three good days this week, but yesterday and today I can barely function. So lethargic, feel I could fall any minute. Here’s to the good days!!! Angela x