So what do you do when you have headache?

I know for many of us that headache is no longer the main part of this illness but when a headache does hit is it of the migraine for each you all or is it more of a regular headache (if there is such a thing).

And what do you do for it when it hits , and does it work to get rid of the headache ? How long does it take for the headache to go away.

I feel myself getting a headache and I am not sure what I should do for this part as it has been sometime since I had the headache part of this. And the funny thing is it is on the opposite side of where my headaches used to occur when I had them all the time…always was on the left , this one is on the right side.

Suggestions would be appreciated!

Headaches are relatively new for me, but I get them all the time, usually daily now…mostly over my left eye…which is weird b/c my balance loss is in my right ear…maybe I just find that weird. I tried taking Advil Liqui-Gels b/c they are supposed to be good for headaches/migraines…but they didn’t help me at all. Now I take extra-strength tylenol…but they don’t last very long. I can feel the headache pushing the tylenol away (at least that’s how I visualize it).

I get very bad headaches. The only thing that helps is excedrin, which I cannot take now.

If I am at home I can get temporary relief form ice. I put one ice pack on the back of my neck and another on my forehead. These do temporarily relieve the pain. I’m trying not to take any pain relievers because of the “rebound headache”. Here is something else that I found useful…

It is going to sound odd I know, I thought so too, but was desperate!

Take ginger (I use the supplements they sell near vitamins at any drug store–they come in capsules that you can break open) and ground cinnamon in equal parts and mix them together. Add a small amount of water. Just enough to make a paste and smear it all over your forehead and down around your temples. DO NOT get too close to your eyes. It WILL burn temporarily (a few minutes) Leave it on as long as you’d like, but at least until it dries. This remedy always takes my headaches down a notch. It does not always eliminate them, but makes them more bearable.

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you!


When migraine hits, my vertigo increases, as does the brain fog, the inability to concentrate, and I forget things like…oh…my house number or my social security number.

I’m one vertigo/migraine attack from going platinum!

I’m on Propranolol but on the occasional breakthrough migraine, I up my Diazepam, take a Tylenol and go straight to bed.

Really bad headaches are a part of my life. I use a lot of ice- no matter where I am- work, home, church, lectures-you get the picture. Sometimes a hot shower helps too. For meds: I alternate between Fiornal, Norco & Fiorcet. The theory is that since they are pharmacalogically different, switching them should prevent rebound. I have them spaced on my calendar 3 x a week and am very strict about not taking more than 1 dose on the day noted on the calendar. My “really bad HA” drug is Migranol, but I only take it evry 7-8 days even though Dr Hain said I could take it every other day if I really needed it. I am afraid of Rebound HAs . I may try the cinnamon concoction!


Had this condition for over 20 years now. Tried a lot of preventatives in the past. I am planning to try them again. To have a life I take syndol or veganin. (Paracetamol, codeine and caffeine). If I cut out the caffiene and just take paracetamol and codeine, I am dizzier and tireder and cant function and they dont get a grip on the headache or migraine.


I used the ice and will try the ginger and cinnamon next time.

I cannot take Tyenol at all…and most pain meds make me very sick to my stomach. I have a massager and have used it on my head most of the night and morning.

I did take some ibuprofen and I am sure my stomach will be upset later, I hope it breaks the cycle soon…

I have a med I used to take when I had them but did not want to take it for fear of rebound.

Timeless – I gently massage my shoulders and neck (or get someone else to do it) and take ibuprofen. Sometimes I’ll lie down with a rolled up towel under my neck. Other than that, time is the key for me.


Still hanging around… :evil:

Hi Timeless,
Feeling any better today? I hope so. I am sorry you were in such rough shape you had to reschedule your appointment. I think that was a great idea… better to go in for your dental appointment on a day where you are feeling the best you can.

— Begin quote from "MAVNY"

Hi Timeless,
Feeling any better today? I hope so. I am sorry you were in such rough shape you had to reschedule your appointment. I think that was a great idea… better to go in for your dental appointment on a day where you are feeling the best you can.

— End quote

Knock on wood seems a bit better this morning…there is no way I could have gone through with the appt yesterday. That is the problem with trying to schedule anything you just never know whether you are going to be having a good day of not. Well good day is not the right term, better day…thanks for asking Lisa.

Okay headache was gone pretty much yesterday but came back with a vengeance last night this time on the left side where I always get my headaches. I was so sick and nauseated last night it was just awful and my head is hurting so bad this morning .

I took so phenegran (sp) for the nausea finally at 4:30 and it put me to sleep but the headache is still there this morning…I have not had back to back headaches in well over a year and this really sucks.

so sorry you’re still suffering. I know I have periods when I have headaches every day and then none for a few days. I’m hoping that once my MAV is properly treated with meds, the headaches will subside as well. Timeless - I’m so sorry - I forget are you currently on meds?

No meds Lisa other than the Valium (low dose) been unable to tolerate any as of yet … this really stinks.

Timeless - yes, these meds are very difficult for us to tolerate. I have only been able to tolerate Verapamil (which didn’t help), but will revisit Nortriptyline (or maybe take an SSRI) most probably after I have baby. I know in my case that, unfortunately, I am not going to get better unless I find the right medication. I wish, though, I would get better by lifestyle changes and diet, but sadly that it not the case with me. All the best to you.

My head is hurting so bad it has not hurt like this for over a year. Do any of you ever take an abortive when you get a headache with this condition? I just do not want to have a rebound. This is just awful…

I don’t think it would hurt to take an abortive one time. i don’t think it’s a big deal. I did take imitrex once, and felt very out of it. It just didn’t agree with me. Have you tried Excedrin yet? I get horrible headaches, and it usually works. sometimes I just take 1/2 and that even helps. worth a shot before the abortive.

Sorry you’re suffering so badly Timeless. I’m not sure what I would do in your shoes but I would imagine that I’d give something a try. It can’t be doing you any good to be in as much pain as you obviously are. I hope you find relief soon.


i have relplax which i took for years as an abortive. I just took half a tablet instead of a whole one. I cannot take Excedrin I am allergic to acetaminophen. I hope this helps…

Thanks guys fr the comments.