Soccer with MAV

Hi Guys

Basically after being hit with MAV I stopped playing all sports i.e. tennis and soccer. The only physical exercise that I could pretty much do was go for a long walk along the beach with big footsteps and yoga. I could not run or jog as that would make me more dizzy. Now that I have started to kind of stabilize in the last couple of weeks, I want to start playing sports again. The boys meet every Sunday for soccer. Its going to be a lot more challenging than walking and yoga cz it involves plenty of stop and go motions and head movements which triggers my MAV. I am still dizzy 24/7 but no where as dizzy as I was before the cymbalta and prayers began to work.

Was wondering what you all think? Should I go play or should I wait a couple more months? I have gained weight after stopping sports so am really unhealthy and unfit now. I really want to start playing again but am just so scared that its going to trigger my MAV again.


Nabeel, I just saw a PT–doctorate, no less–who specializes in our stuff.

One of the exercises he gave me is to look at a letter on a wall, and rotate my head back and forth (or up and down) as fast as I can while keeping it in focus. I can’t do it at all fast yet without blur. Figure that if I get to where I can do this fast, and other exercises like it, I may be in shape to avoid vertigo whilst playing fast sports.

David the more physically exertion activity for me, the more dizzy I get and it comes on much faster. But at the same time my PT told me that I need to be as physical as I can without pushing myself too much. So I’m still thinking on whether I should join soccer sessions or not?

I don’t see any physical reason against it, but in my opinion, this condition is such that you might prefer to get your exercise in a circumstance where you can go at your own rate rather than being pushed around by the pace of others in the game. I took kickboxing and it really wiped me out, and I felt bad about quitting before the class ended but I felt too light headed, so it was rather shameful for me to walk out. Now I do running and weights and yoga, which is more individualistic. Just a thought.

Of course, coming from Chicago I subscribe to the Mike Ditka saying that, “If God wanted you to play soccer he wouldn’t have given you arms.”

tHANKS guys for the encouragement
i played soccer this morning without any issues. yes dizziness did increase but all the exercise and fun talk with the boys was so much fun i didnt care about the dizziness
and as of now in the evening im doing pretty well back to baseline dizziness
so now i know i can play soccer every weekend