Sodium Valproate

Hi All,

Just about to start on Sodium Valproate as my first medication since having all this dizzy crap.

Is there anything to be aware with taking it? The doctors said they need to regularly check my blood, so they have taken a before sample and will check it monthly as apparently can cause some issues with kidneys or something.

Thanks for any advice

One other thing, I have been advised to take 2 x 300mg tablets daily. 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening,

I am wondering if it’s ok to start with 1 per day and build up after a week, or would this be totally missing the point of the drugs?

I get the feeling not many people are on this medication which does make me a little worried to know if it’s the right choice.

Instead of taking 2 x 300mg doses per day I have decided to half that and take 150mg n the morning and at night for the first week and see How I get on.

I have s far taken 1 dose last night and one this morning. If anything I do feel a but tired and don’t feel as motivated to do exercise like I normally would. I am still not 100% happy about going on medication but running out of options

Totally understand where you’re coming from Richy but give it your best shot. I rather like your idea to downsize the doses but I’m not very med savvy now, not having taking any for a long time. So I’ve no idea how it would affect their effectiveness. But personally, I’ve always liked to go slow to start with too. So, right or wrong, I get why you’re doing it.

Just wanted to wish you well and encourage you to think positive. I know it’s not the path you really wanted to take but if it ultimately gets rid of your MAV, even makes it more tolerable, it’ll be well worth it.

Must look up sodium valproate though - I’ve never even heard of it! :smiley:

Good luck.


Hi Richy
I have never heard of that med… you may be able to find previous posts if you do a search. Are you in the US? Just curious… good luck with your meds. I hope it works for you. I’m on my 5th week of Nortriptylene. Maybe someday there will be a miracle pill for us MAVers

The only time I’ve head of Sodium Valproate is off of Scott’s migraine med list:

However, I just looked it up–I think in the US it is commonly referred to by its trade name of Depakote. That might ring some more bells.

Hi Jamie

How long did it take with your medication before you started seeing improvements?

I am jUst over 1 week now and symptoms haven’t changed yet

Hi there

This medication has been part of our family life for a while. Sodium valproate (AKA Epilim and Sandoz) is (at least in our town in Oz!!!) a very commonly used migraine prevention medication. I think it’s got few severe side effects, works for many people etc so is in the 'first" bunch of medications that people get tried on…It was prescribed in combo with verapamil after severe MAV hit two years ago and i took it for about 8 months. Started on 200 mg am and pm and moved up to 400 mg am and pm.

I did experience some nightmares and, eventually, slight tremors of my hands which were a bit scary. However these are a well known side effect for some and apparently disappear completely when people affected stop taking it. Mine did. Check that side out with your neuro.

My 12 Yr old daughter takes sodium valproate (AKA Epilim and Sandoz) daily for migraine prevention. She has had severe migraines and vomiting since 6 yrs of age. It has made a real difference in reducing the frequency of her migraines and the impact on her life and schooling which had become pretty bad as her migraines start in the night and were 4 times a month approx.

She has no side effects at all and has been taking it for about 18 months… We get excellent information from the paediatrician about the preventative medications available for children. For kids her age it is the “second choice” preventer after Deralin. That helped too but the effectiveness wore off over time.

the very best of luck with it all.