Sort of another poll question

how many of you suffer from bad allergies? just curious because i honestly believe that’s my number one trigger if not the only one. It’s warming up here :frowning: not happy about it - trees are starting to pollenate.


Hi Chris,

I have hayfever which has flared up quite badly in the past but I’ve never noticed it provoking migraine at all. On the other hand, I just stayed overnight at a friend’s place two days ago. She is house minding. The house was very dusty, cluttered and there was two long-haired cats in the place. I woke yesterday morning with a puffy face and the worst headache I’ve had in months. I still have the head pain now. I cannot be 100% certain that it was the cats, dust mites etc, but I’m not taking any chances and have taken Burd’s advice to clean up my own house and make it a dust mite nightmare (for them, not me).

I just bought a box of Borax for the wash and will be picking up a new HEPA filtered Electrolux vacuum tomorrow. There’s special covers and sprays too I might pick up later after I use the new cleaning regimen. I was tested a few times over the years for allergies and all times dust mite caused a massive welt on my arm where they had pricked my skin.

I hope your allergies calm down. Too bad you can’t get Pizotifen in the States. It’s both a potent migraine killer and antihistamine.

Scott 8)

Hi Chris
I also have allergies to all sorts of environmentals (mold, ragweed/hayfever-ish) and also some foods. I swear mine are calming down some with migraine treatment and also the upper cervical adjustments (only 2 needed so far), so now I’m wondering if a lot of it was MAV all along. However, I take Zyrtec every day like clockwork and it heads off a lot of things. I’m going to sort out more on the allergies if/when I can go off zyrtec long enough to be tested. I think the confusion with allergies is if you have congestion, runny nose, etc. which also occur with migraine/MAV episodes. How’s the hormonal treatment going?? When will you start on the progesterone?? Hope you get some improvement!!

all of this is why i question my MAV diagnosis because my ENT said allergies can do this. I don’t know. i am just frustrated. I need to get my mattress covers that’s for sure. dust is bad for me but for 31 years i’ve dealt with dizziness every Spring and Fall and of course runs into Summer and Winter now.
I get the progesterone probably on February 1. i’m trying some over the counter health food stuff now but not sure it works. It just always seems like when everyone else is suffering with normal histimine response allergies i’m sick with horrible pressure and sinus stuff and dizziness. pills don’t seem to work - I’m going to try the klonopin again this weekend i think at night and see if it helps better than valium.

thanks all - scott sorry you had a bad reaction. i’m deathly allergic to cats!


Hey there,

I do get hayfever in the summer but I wouldn’nt say I’ve ever seen any link.

My other thought just reading your posts was how difficult it can be with these conditions to differentiate for sure what is cause and effect. Lots of people with migraine get sinus congestion/facial pain/runny nose etc as part of their migraine - symptoms very easily mistaken for allergies, especially when they have a very sudden onset and just as rapid disappearance.

I know from years of doing night shifts that I’d always start sneezing and feeling like I was coming down with a nasty cold at about 4am - the time I would be at my most tired. Allergy? unlikely, Maybe a migraine connection?, who knows, but I think all of these symptoms do seem to be interlinked somehow…

Sorry, just some random musings

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all of this is why i question my MAV diagnosis because my ENT said allergies can do this.

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Hey Chris – I don’t believe this for a second. There’s no way that seasonal rhinitis (a stuffy, runny nose) will in of itself cause you to suffer with the symptom set you have. Have you read Buchholz’s book on this? He dispells all of these myths.

It’s a shame you can’t get a migraine med into you to see for yourself how it can be cleaned up or greatly reduced.

Bad allergies as a kid, minor respiratory allergies now.

I tend to agree with Scott… who agrees with Buchholz. I see an allergist who referred me to my neurologist. Even my allergist does not believe that allergies tend to cause the level of MAV symptoms that people report on this forum. Even a diagnosis of inner ear disorders seems to make more sense than seasonal allergies. But, what do I know??? This time last year I had no clue I was a migraine sufferer. Last year I kept chasing down allergy remedies in hopes that would resolve my MAV. But, in fact, a number of the allergy meds caused or worsened my dizziness… I had to abandon a number of the antihistamines and sprays that I tried. I finally caved in and let the neuro guide me with migraine meds.

I don’t know what to think after all these years. last winter i haed almost four months with hardly any dizziness so i know that allergies are definitely a huge huge trigger at any rate.

I wish i could find a medicine to work too but not an AD there has to be something somewhere and hopefully someday ill find something.

Spring/Fall are the worst but i have stuff in summer too - i always seem to feel the worst when others are having bad allergies too. i was born with allergies and asthma too.

i don’t iknow. i just wish i could get better.

hope you are all doing well.


Chris – in all your years with this have you had MAV symptoms during the winter? In other words does it all grind to a halt when the snow falls? It’s winter now over there right so shouldn’t the symptoms be gone if this was all allergy related or triggered?

I have had allergies all my life, did the allergy shots/sinus surgery x 2. Now since the MAV diagnosis putting all these contributing factors together. I will say when the allergies kick in which is usually April/May and August/September it definitey rocks the boat a bit, but generally dosen’t throw me into a full fledge flair up. Yes it is winter here, I’m in New Jersey and have plenty of snow, so the allergies are quiet but I’m beginning to think there is definitely a trigger for me related to the barometric pressure and the snow storms.


wow this is strange i just typed a long response to Scott’s question and don’t see it here. hummm

i hope the other post doesn’t show up now :slight_smile:

this started i believe in the Fall of 1980 with dizziness went through all the tests and had some diagnosis of labrynthitis or something like that then every spring and fall for many years i would get really sick - missing work for about 3-4 weeks at a time. Usually by mid-late April i was okay again until about late August and then again once it got cold enough to freeze. that was the pattern for years - took allergy shots off and on my whole life.

the last ten years have gotten worse - the seasons all run together and the only time i ever feel good is when it is super cold. last winter was real cold for quite a while so i felt good for months for the most part except for the fireplace smoke.

this past fall was super warm for a long time and we had tons of pollen so i got worse than ever. now its getting warm again and the trees are probably starting to pollenate. yesterday was great but today - whole nuther story.

thats my strange story and i’m frustrated because i miss the outdoors and lots of other things but i manage to struggle through somehow. maybe someday illl find something to help. valium helps a little bit.


well i honestly think i need to move to a colder climate but can’t do that until i retire - just gotta get through another 6-1/2 years or more. :frowning:

it’s gonna be 50 today and 55 tomorrow and i can tell there is something bothering me.

i hope all of you are doing well today.