Sources of protein on the migraine diet?

I’m trying the Buchholz diet but am having trouble finding protein-rich food that is allowed. I don’t eat red meat, and chicken gets old after awhile. Peanut butter was my “go to” snack food, and now I find that’s on the list of possible triggers.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get more protein, especially in snacks? Thanks.

Salmon, tuna?

Eggs - Can’t go past egg on toast, even a hard boiled egg is a nice quick snack. I have been on the “Failsafe diet” for about 4-5 months now. (similar to yours). Check out the it has heaps of recipes / information / ideas for migraine diets etc…(some of it a bit extreme) Good luck with it!

Thanks, Scott and clarityseeker, for your advice. I have trouble with boiled eggs sometimes, but I’m not sure if they’re an actual trigger or just don’t sit well with me.

Also, I looked at the site you suggested, clarityseeker, but haven’t spent a lot of time there yet. Are there specific sections for different illnesses? I did a search for “migraine diet” but wasn’t sure that’s how it’s supposed to be used. I’ll take a closer look later. Thanks for the link.

Cottage Cheese is pretty much my go-to for a quick lunch and snack !

Pine nuts are very high in protein and are actually seeds so fine.
Beef joints and minces (many are sold without preservatives) Chicken etc

Once on the website go to “information” “How to start” then click “Failsafe Recipes” I think all of these recipes are low amine. I also used their cookbook for their elimination diet, when I was trying to find more about “migraine triggers” in my diet. The website is designed more for children but many of my friends have used it to introduce a healthier diet in their own families. It also educated me about the chemical numbers on food labels (MSG) and possible other triggers. Good Luck. Happy Eating. :wink: